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STANDBY tells the story of a small-time hustler who dives into a whole life challenge inviting to break through the world gone corrupted.

**Controls updated**

Slide your way through the spacetime with teleports, use the entourage to outsmart the broken security mechanisms, blast the obstacles away with a gun and remember that it’s all about an escape from the decadent, cruel but visually stunning darkish neon lit world!

- Only first level pack
- Welcome to the world of uber-fast speeds, where every move counts
- Challenge yourself with a break-neck SpeedRun Mode
- Fight for your right to be on the top of the Global Leaderboard
- Enjoy glitchy beats of the finest electronic music
- Collectibles. Push yourself beyond the limits to get ’em all!

Join the official HypeTrain Digital Discord server to be the first to know all the news about STANDBY: https://discordapp.com/invite/55CEJ27


Please visit http://store.steampowered.com/app/494580/ to get the full Better version of STANDBY when it'll be released.
Sorry for bugs and freezes, Unity is not so good with webGL.

in order to play 100% working demo of STANDBY still visit http://store.steampowered.com/app/494580/.

Thank you

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I don't usually prefer speedrun games(mostly because I'm really bad at them) but this one really stood out to me with its evidently large amount of polish, its more accessible approach to momentum, and reduced emphasis on precision platforming. That said, I would personally like the platforming controls to be a bit more forgiving; there were many times when I jumped at what I thought was the edge of the platform only to find that I was already considered off of it, and could not jump anymore. Most platformers, especially ones that ask for precision like this, give a grace period after stepping off of a platform's edge where the player can still make a jump, and I'd like that in this game.

I was eventually able to wrap my head around the controls by the end, though I'm still not confident that I would be able to know which button to press if faced with a novel situation; something about using the same button for multiple actions makes that difficult. I'm not saying it's a bad control system-- it felt very smooth and elegant when I was doing well -- it's just that I'd perhaps like the option to bind a different key to each action. The change I definitely want is to remove shooting from idle stance entirely, as unless there's going to be a reason to do so in the final game, I see no reason I would use that ability and I would highly prefer pressing down to make me dash no matter what.

My BIGGEST gripe with the game is even a death animation as short as that is far too long for a game like this. I don't want to spend even half a second watching that death animation instead of starting the level over. It surprises me that this is an issue, because you have an excellent restart level function but inexplicably disable it during the death animation. Every successful speedrun platformer works to minimize the downtime of the player, and this just seems to stick out as a confusingly unhelpful decision in this otherwise great game. I would like to be able to reset during the death animation or have an option to skip them entirely.

My other, smaller, complaint is that the background layers constantly changing color sometimes blends in with the foreground at times. I'm not sure if that is intended or not, but that has NO reason to be a thing, especially because it hurts how clear the level design is and screws over the player. The most glaring example of this is the second double jump level, where an area that looks like a platform fades away right as you approach it, and it was hard to not think that was a dick move when it inevitably killed me the first time.

But I complain out of love. You've sold me on this idea within the short 20 minutes or so I've spent playing it. I'm very excited to see the full game!

It was pretty enjoyable and I love the music, for some reason it reminds me of hotline Miami, the controls are pretty good but basic. all in al,l a good demo that has promise.

I thought it was great, and in defense of the controls I actually liked them though they were difficult, but I thought that was part of the game, you know? It felt like the controls fit the type of game it was. the only thing, in the last level I thought I was supposed to jump on a thing but as i got closer a different platform revealed itself(this is the last jump in the last level) and I missed. Its just that black on black makes it difficult to separate the background from the platform. Good luck!

I liked the game, controls aren't very intuitive I think that can be fixed with playtesting. Try letting new people play and record their control inputs, this may give you some insights.

winesays responds:

Thanks for your review. We'll make an update with an option to change controls.

I love where this game is going and I like the whole minimal control thing but instead of having to press Z again i think it would be much easier to force yourself down by pressing the down arrow instead. Also if you could make the death animation a little bit shorter to help keep the fast flow of the game I think it would save alot of time. As I find myself dying quite a bit. Other than that (and the music cutting off after a while) I find the game great and urge you to continue work on it!

winesays responds:

Thank you very much! We are working on the full version right now. There is going to be more visual effects and other great stuff ;)

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3.34 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2016
1:46 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle