GreenHorn's Castle Defense

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The game takes a while to load, so be patient!

Defend your outpost against constant goblin forces in this Castle Defense game.

Any Ideas/advice/comment is welcomed and encouraged, it will really help the game if you give us some feedback on what you like and dislike!

Left Click Press - Charge Arrow
Left Click Release - Fire Arrow
P - Pause

1 - Added a story!
2 - Fixed the upgrades

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I somehow made it to Day 15, then I realized how sensitive the controls really are. I was then able to reliably shoot the arrow almost pixel perfect just be "feeling" alone, landing headshot after headshot, disregarding distance or pressure. I became One with the fully upgraded bow and arrow, my fingertips anticipated each shot with perfect precision. The orcs were easy prey.

Until they swarmed me, on Day 15.

Then I rested. Forever.

I've tried the game, playing it on casual however the elven bow will not unlock for me and I can not beat the last night.

GrimmIncGames responds:

The elven bow isn't supposed to be bought, it was an error of the game sadly :(, I will fix it with the next patch

I like the idea of this game, nice concept and the fact that the shots have to be placed rather than just spammed like some defense games are. However, I feel like there was a bit of a missed opportunity with this. As your character is helping defend a village, perhaps it would have been better if we were given the chance to enlist aid, like maybe set it up where one of the choices at night would be to go to town and ask for help, like say from the blacksmith to make you special arrowheads that would be good against some of the other enemies or perhaps a carpenter where he can build walls for the enemy to break through before getting to your tower. Another idea I have is where you offer branching paths for the bow, like ones that specialize in distance, speed, or power. I still like the game though, I look forward to what else you have planned in the future.

GrimmIncGames responds:

I'm grateful for what you're advising here. Actually the game is on a state where we used an X amount of time to do, all the things you are saying would have required more time to do, but we will surely try to make it possible for the second version if we manage to do it :]

Nice game! Thank you for the skip tutorial! Graphics are great game is fun. Fairly difficult to hit with the arrows.

GrimmIncGames responds:

Thank you about that, what a nice guy :]

This game is awesome!!! :D

GrimmIncGames responds:

Thank you! I'm gald you enjoyed it! C:

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2016
7:00 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense