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Doctor Taco

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The Doctor is in?

This is an original, animated, cartoon following the adventures of a doctor who happens to also be a talking taco. This cartoon is intentionally made to look bad originally inspired by the Taco-Man Plays Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo released in 1992.

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Taco-Man (or Sam Nelson)
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did his arm fall off ._.

Huh. So basically it's a ripoff of the-swain's incompetent smiley face guy. Which I also hate. I wish he had spent more of his precious time making more episodes of Mastermind instead. The animation itself is shoddy too, and looks to be deliberately so, as if that itself would be funny. And it's just not funny overall either, it's trying so hard to be ridiculous and falling flat on its face. I would have expected more of the great creator of messed up bible stories than this, this is what I might have expected to find if I had looked up your first video ever and then I would be more forgiving but nope, so much nope. Nope nope nope.

Samination responds:

This style was based off an episode of 'Taco-Man Plays Mario Paint' where he created a terrible cartoon. There were a few more cartoons made and then a more "professional" version called 'Detective Taco'. This video was the sequel.

If anything is trying to hard, it's your review. This is just a silly animation to sit back, watch and laugh. The fact you can't do that without being so needlessly critical and wrongly presumptuous is quite sad.


Samination responds:

You're bootyful.

I love how wacky he is!

Samination responds:

So wacky.

IF this is Taco Man he needs more puns