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Survive for only 30 seconds over 10 levels while avoiding a swarm of enemies! Sounds simple right? Good luck.

This was something I made in a one day game jam where half the day was just trying to get it to export correctly. This wasn't really made to be a game that you come back to and enjoy again and again. It was more of a thing you can come to once, sit down play for ten minutes and then be on your way.
I appreciate all your feedback and the kind reviews.

Music: Rolemusic - The Will


The difference between a good game and something entertaining.

"I spent a long time evading those red things.

The 30 second time is reasonable, it becomes a challenge but not something impossible (it is the best it has)
-Simple and entertaining
The music is not so bad

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Fun game!

it could use some variation in the enemies though. other than this, great game.

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Nice game. This is my feedback:

It is simple and I guess that's why the movement is smooth. I would prefer gaining like moeny or skill points each level to make upgrades instead of medals, then again, medals would be good. You could increase the skill points gained by getting more points the closer you are to the enemies and also remove points each time you get hit. Of course, it is just a suggestioin but I really liked the way it is now.

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Hey, this game is pretty damn fun. You've done well to create a fun little game, i got up to level 6.

To start, i'll list the positives, then i'll go into what needs work, and ways to really improve.

POSITIVES: The music is well used, the pace is good, it helps with the player feeling a sense of urgency to avoid the meteors/enemies, really well done on that aspect, especially for your first submitted game! Secondly, the controls and enemies seemed fair, you were given your mouse to move, and the enemies got progressively (or seemingly) faster as you went up levels, i never had a moment where i felt the game cheated me, so well done on that aspect too.

Now for some constructive feedback:

VISUALS: I think, while your game has some great, simple sprite animations with the enemies, it needs a better background, and maybe a better sprite (i'd suggest a spaceship, as the enemies look like meteorites and space for a background); though that's a very small tidbit, as you've already done better than most first games that i've seen, so well done.

AUDIO: While your choice of music is fantastic, the lack of SFX when you hit an enemy is a tad undermining to your game, because the lack of feedback doesn't indicate i've been hit, nor does it make me feel any punishment for hitting an enemy; please consider placing in a simple explosion sound or some other indicator for better immersion. (remember not to make it glaringly loud, that'd be shooting yourself in the foot)

GAMEPLAY: Your game has a very simple premise, dodge enemies. The fundamental issue with simple games, is that they are hard to pull off, because a simple game, needs many ways to fix and hold an audiences attention. With your current game, we simply dodge, and more enemies come. That's not even remotely enough to warrant a player to stay; Which means, just as Horseface said, it doesn't possess replay value. Granted, that doesn't mean it's crap, but it does mean that the gimmick gets old fast. To entice players to want to play your game you need to give them goals. A very, very good way that Newgrounds allows players to make simple goals, is medals.

But ultimately, this is where the major flaw in your game is; it's far too simple at the moment. You need to think of ways, such as more interactive level designs, different types of enemies, vaster space to move around to incorporate these changes, and some reward system to help entice your players. But as this is your first game you've released, I don't want to act as if your game is bad, you've done well regardless.

Overall, you've done really well with your music, and for a small, quick game, and your first game, it's a pretty fun little game. Please consider making games further, have a good one.

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I spent a grand of 8 minutes on it and I see that it's well made and the physics are neat but I can't see any replay value in this one.

0ne st4rz.

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Nov 28, 2016
9:20 PM EST
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