Spoiled Eggburt

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A short horror game made in 48 hours for Asylum Jam.

Eggburt, a snobby film lover, shares one of his favorite horror flicks to his love interest; Bertha. Eggburt is thrown off the edge as the film's storyline changes from his previous viewing.

WASD - Walk
E - Interact
Left click - Interact

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Really liked this concept, of someone "watching" the activity, and talking about it (I think them playing a video game would've been more realistic because of the "replays"), to help move the story along.

The graphics left much to be desired, and the "voices" were just okay, but completely understand the limitations of making a game in 48 hours.

I would love to see a longer, more fleshed out, version of this game sometime!

This is an interesting concept, I have to say. The moment of wonder would be when I realized I am controlling the footage being watched, which in turn becomes a tape that changes every time it is viewed. The two invisible viewers' discussion also serve as a hint to us as what to do next. A clever idea, indeed.

However, the execution is not very elegant, which is my main issue -- It is confusing and difficult to make out the environment. Partially because of the lighting but mainly because of the art :
I don't know where the door is. From the direction the girl walks, and the hint of "hiding behind the chair before running for it", I get the impression it's on the lower right? Maybe? I dunno. After 6 repeating same sequences, I give up.
I also dare others to say they knew that purple-ish rectangle is a chair the first time they see it. (I thought it's a table) Why do you pick the same color for the floor? They just all get mixed up. I have to ramp up my brightness a lot to see the backrest. And the proportion is just wrong, it looks like a chair for giants.
Wait, the thing on the middle top is a shelf of some sorts for CDs? I thought it's some strange hole with a pole?WAT?
The nameless guy's walking animation also needs refinement. It is ok for the the girl because of her nature, but this will not work because he is human. It's very jarring.

All that being said, I still appreciate the idea as a whole. This has some potentials and I hope you put some more work into this.

Why i can't do nothing when i exit the door?
But a good game.

MotemTotem responds:

You can do nothing after exiting, if you'd like. And thanks :)

That's pretty sweet. Keep it up.

This is game is nice but it's a bit surreal, especially the ending. Great job nonetheless.

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3.21 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2016
5:32 PM EST
Adventure - Other