Uzhexi Eater Of Worlds

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A worm hole has opened up in the outer reaches of Earth’s solar system. From this hole in space, Uzhexi’s minions pour out by the thousands. It is up to you as Earth last fighter pilot to fight through this onslaught and enter the worm hole into Uzhexi’s dimension. Where upon you must defeat this ancient evil and saveEarth from being devoured.
A lot of people, did not like how big the screen was so I have made a lot smaller.(From 950x1000 to 650x700) Looking back on it now I can see that was way to big. Hopefully this new size is better.


Something simple but it shows that it has much effort worked.
Could be better but leave the review of what we have.

Exceed all levels I think the most complicated was 3 but the game is pretty good.

A little better art in the future would be incredible, some better upgrades. Some things and boom the game could be better,

Work a little more art, greetings!

cmtrain responds:

Thank you for trying my game! Yeah I am trying to get better with my art. Its also good to hear that you can tell I put a lot of effort into it. I hope to see you around!!

Looks quite interesting, but the screen resolution is too big

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cmtrain responds:

Thanks for playing. Both you and ledeboiter said the same thing about the screen size so I decided to change it. Hopefully this is better, and thank you for the input it helps a lot.

well, the game is functionnal... the game screen is way too big, and there is a nice big misspell

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cmtrain responds:

For the misspell, are you referring to the level selection on the main menu, because it wasn't misspelled it was just cut off. I don't know how I missed that but it's fixed now. if that's not what you are referring to could you tell what it was. Thanks for playing!

Fun parody of Space Invaders, however some minor fixes should be added.

cmtrain responds:

Thanks, that's kind of what I was going for! I would like to hear some of these minor fixes you are talking about, if you have some free time.

You are llike Micheal Miller of Edmonton, he made a similar excellent game of Bum Chili.......

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2.77 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2016
4:17 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight