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Nov 27, 2016 | 9:33 PM EST

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Reach the pink goal in the shortest time. Map out the most effective path, learn the intricacies, find game-breaking bugs and learn how to be a speed runner.

Warning; it's a little buggy.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Another game without any sense, look like laboratory mice thrown in newgrounds.

Just with warning

Warning; It's a little buggy

I do not know what I should expect from the game.

But, maybe a little music would avoid a total loss, a map longer, some objective, a character not drawn in paint.

Improve those things and if you are going to upload a game with: Warning; It's a little buggy

You better not upload it! You know it will be bad

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It still beats me being productive. Don't get discouraged.


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Game: Extremely simple idea. That's not to be mean, i just think that a "run to the objective" type game is overly simplistic, and the more simple the premise, the harder it is to get right. With your current game, it's not hitting that mark. It's far too simple and lacks the right motivation to really try and immerse a player.

VISUALS: This game is starkly empty. It doesn't have a background, the character sprite isn't animated, nor is it really that detailed. And the platforms don't give a sense of location. This isn't a terrible game by design, it's not like having over the top art will make this game a masterpiece; but that being said, it's the small things like small pixel legs and arms moving that may give the player a sense of life to a character, a few different platforms with some screws or plating to indicate a science type location. But furthermore, a background; a background is a pretty important thing to a game, it's not a massively noticed thing until it's not there, but when it's just white, it has a very strong indication of emptiness, and unless your game is designed around a feeling of absence, then you should have a background. This game would be perfectly fine with a simple, non-bright background, it would vastly impact the game in my opinion.

AUDIO: A very big issue seen in most amateur games is that the use of BGM is absent or is too loud. While i prefer the latter, both are seen as quite a lazy choice. The reason that BGM and SFX are used is to create a sense of atmosphere, and to help immerse the player, increasing how believable your game is. In running games for instance, the use of fast, catchy music with simple beats and no vocals helps set a fast paced atmosphere, and gives the player a sense of urgency; while sound effects such as hitting the ground, bouncing off of walls, and grunting will allow the player to immersify themselves into the experience and believe that the game is mildly real. I would definitely encourage you to think about putting in some sounds, it may not immediately seem like much, but it is important.

GAMEPLAY: The game is quite choppy being frank with you; the speed system bothers me, as it forces the player to really have to step back, just to do a simple jump over an area. The jumping off walls feels like a plastic ball hitting solid brick, as it repels you far too much, and there's no friction upon impact. The general level design, while ok in terms of vastness, really has no sense of direction, which i understand is to go with the premise, but I'll get to that in a bit; and I don't know if it was intentional, but so many platforms don't have substance to them, i fell from the top, to near the bottom, because there was no discernible way for me to know that the platform i jumped on wasn't a real platform.

STORY/PLOT: There is none, i know that with such a simple idea as a "A-to-B" runner that a plot may not seem needed, but i cannot stress this enough; ANY game, no matter how simple, NEEDS something to entice the player into playing. An "A-to-B" runner is no different, a very simple plot, such as "you've got to get to X in order to live" or in this type of game, a simple "Science test / avoid the obstacles to progress" would work well. If you don't have some reason to play a game, then why would I play it? What entices me to sit here and try to find the "quickest route" to the pink goal? I don't know where it is, i don't see any point in playing after the fact, and why bother getting quicker at it, if all i get is a simple score? Do you see what i'm trying to say?

The biggest issue in all for this game, to me, is that its built on a broken premise. When you don't give the player a reason to score quicker (Super meat boy being a good example of how to do A-to-B runners with time requirements) then a player will very quickly stop playing. Especially when this is the only level. There's no reward seemingly, other than a score, and that's not very fulfilling, a very quick way to make this game immediately more enticing would be placing medals for certain time limits, give the player a reason to play.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I completely agree with the comment below me. What me myself has to say:
* The level design is very good and interesting, but the controls, bugs and the minmalism of the game ruins its "magic". I would recommend you to not release the games so early and spend more time on avoiding bugs, improving the game and so on.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Yeah, this game is rather buggy. The controls are awkward; it's really hard to jump when I'm on a slope and steering the character doesn't feel quite right. Wall jumping is somewhat difficult to get started on as well. The character also has clipping problems; when I reached the pink box the first time, I accidentally clipped through the floor above and had to go back to the box. When I leave the pink box's bounds, the timer starts again; I don't figure it should be too difficult to add some code that permanently stops the timer when the pink box is reached. Maybe a boolean value that's constantly checked on each timer tick should work well for starters. One more thing about the pink box, I think the character should be in front of the box, rather than behind it.

There's something about this game's physics that could really work, though... see, the movement is very momentum-based, it's like a typical car accelerating. I'm thinking these physics, with lots of refining, could be used to change the gameplay mechanics. My idea is that rather than the player running really fast and then slowing down to wall jump, the player builds up speed, runs up a slope, and jumps once so that the jump is much higher than jumping off flat ground. Do you know what I'm getting at with this? I think it might be a cool idea that could help make your game stand out.

I really wouldn't recommend using Flash to develop games these days, though. You might want to try HTML5 or some modern web-based game engine or framework.

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DragonGladiator responds:

yes, this game was initially a test for momentum based controls, and i most likely will be refining ramps for jumps in the future, but at the moment I cannot make the map large enough to allow for jumps.

also thanks for actually reviewing, I will most likely implement all of this.