MAKE IT as an Artist

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Author Comments

This game is currently on Steam Greenlight, please go vote for it, thank you!

Can you Make it as an Artist?
Play the most realistic artist simulation of all time.

use arrow keys to move
press [space] for everything else

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Im kill my self ;( btw nice game <3

Why Did I Play This Game?! I H8 It! >:(

I Love You Too.

this made me very emotional because i am going through this in my life right now. great game. very strong and impactful

The style: Very fitting for a dark-toned game the song really hit the spot for me
the message: If you are an artist and this didn't react to you in any way then... then nothing actually. This might just be the perfect example of hobbie vs career. If you relate in anyway to this video game please consider professional help, this is not an accurate representation of an artist but it could very well be the autor's, so for that, It plays very good with the Frustration of keeping every aspect of the characters life in check.
THE GAMEPLAY: Overall sim-like which I enjoy personally, But the money vs fame system is definetly not the best. fame doesn't affect (for what I could tell) nothing at all, doesn't increase the amount of money you get from working or anything in particular, so it just feels like it's there for the sake of it.
It would have been much better if the fame meter increased slowly and as you increased it, more money could be made, so that it would remain unfair at the beginning but easier as you play along.
Another aspect I didn't like was the fact that you become an alcoholic based on total drinks and not drinks per day. Drinking once per day shouldn't create addiction, but even if it does, in game I would stop drinking for a week but status ailments wouldn't disapear, so I've pretty much just wasted another run.

TL:DR : 2,5 stars. The message is nice and gives you an odd sense of belonging if you at all relate to this game (seriously seek a psychologist, they are professionals at this sort), but the gameplay is flawed and unfair which discourages completion.

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3.66 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2016
10:57 AM EST
Simulation - Other