Miss Fortune's Booty Trap - XXX Parody

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The tables are turned when Miss Fortune claims a bounty on the summoner! She takes the helm, bends his body to her will, and brings herself to the pinnacles of pleasure. Be sure to explore the environment to unlock the entire alternate wardrobe of this sexy bounty huntress!

*Version 1.2



It's not very often that a porn animation will allow for a choice between pussy or anal (the latter of which I try to avoid at all cost, so much appreciated), at least not that I play, so this is a fantastic change of pace. The animation is beautifully done, and the hidden costumes are a nice touch. It's only flaw is that there isn't more of it to enjoy.

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Very good animation, did you got the audio from somewhere ? Good job.

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That's really well made once again.
I'm nut usually fan of porn animation, but the cookie scout (the first I saw) made me subscribe out of curiousity, and this prove me I was right doing so.
Not only is the art great, but the detail are also, the animations are sexy yet not crude, and the voices and music aren't bad at all.

The only weird thing here is the last laugh who lack of a little animation to complete it, which makes it strange to hear. I mean the laugh is, in voice, a strong laugh, but looks like a little giggle...

Which proves the quality of the overall: if the only thing that made me complain is a detail like this, then that does mean a lot.

Five stars easily.

And I freaking love the "summer holiday" dress. So much that I'm searching for somewhere to buy it.

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This is noticeably different from other animations, where more of the focus is on the variety of appearance. It's a nice change of pace, and a welcome one.

Another difference was adding the voice tracks, which I also think adds a nice detail to the animations.

I hope we can expect more dialogue or background story like we had in the original games: Crash Landing and Autumn's Bliss. A buildup of story adds a lot of context to animations, in my experience. And I really loved how Autumn actually communicated with the character throughout the animation, adding a great level of immersion. It would be amazing if we could see more of that, and even the character talking back to the girl.

Solid work deserving of a high rating. Thank you :)

It's been so long since you posted anything. This is great~! (anatomy is so beautiful)

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4.16 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2016
4:09 PM EST
Simulation - Other