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Pussymon: Episode 18

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Author Comments

What's up guys, here's the Pussymon episode 18, in this update we celebrate 1 year of Pussymon original story and also with this episode the Pussymon Project have now reached more than 100 original Pussymon. In this update there's 6 new Pussymon, 31 animations (among variations, side quest, new and reworked scenes) and each Pussymon have more interactions, for now each one available here have foreplay, vaginal and anal options.

I'm now working in the first part of the full beta, we gonna have a lot of new things in gameplay and mechanics in the next updates, you can know more about it here:
http://sp3ktr3-x.newgrounds.com/news/post/974056 and in in my Patreon page.

Episode 18 New additions:
- 6 New Pussymon
- New interactions with each Pussymon
- 31 Animations
- New Side-Quest
- New Systems and Mechanichs
- Partial re-worked Halloween Town map

Thanks for everyone who's supporting me in this big project, there's more to come next month. Let me know if you find some error or bug, so I can fix it. See you later.

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Love that there are now 3 Sex options. Keep it up, mate!

Well done! I do say this is a really great series. At first I was a little judgmental but you actually have a really good story line. Well done.

first off, loving the series and once I find a steady income I am becoming a supporter of patreon. Secondly, The phrase Run got stuck when I exited a battle and it scared me shitless XD kept going to other areas of the map until I realized what was happening. Anyway, thought you'd get a kick out of that. Keep up the good work I can also see a major improvement in your english skills. Respect.

accidentally beat game and reset all progress without saving.

fuck that. seriously released it like that?

This is great, You can really see how much you've improved monster design-wise when you see a new one like Gargorwind next to an old one like Zomlet or Mindm, I've been suggesting that you add multiple sex scenes for a while and I'm really glad to see it in, I know it basically doubles the animating work for you but working up a monsters care points only to get a blowjob or footjob scene always bugged me, I hope it continues onto the next episodes too.

Can't really list any major problems although I did have trouble catching the last two monsters because my damage was either too high or too low to hit that 1-10 hp sweet spot to 100% catch them, Was able to get around that with potions so not a big issue.

There is one thing that bugged me though I like that you include all kinds of sizes but when it comes to the sex scenes it's pretty clear all that's changing is the size of the guys dick which makes sense it's gonna look bigger fucking a small character but it doesn't really convey the size of the monster very well. The only way I can think to fix that is to zoom out the camera and show more of guy's torso have change the size of it accordingly.

Looking forward to playing the next ones, I know I'm a few episodes behind.