Christmas Crush Mania

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Christmas Crush Mania - The aim of the game is to crush, remove the required amount of christmas icons on each level to enter a new one. Use mouse to play and you must have at least 3 icons of the same shape to crush them of the stage. The more icons in group the more points you will get. No time no rush so you can have a leisurely experience. Good Luck!


Its okay, Its not amazing, but its not terrible. Great for people who just need something to do while on the train e.t.c

Art - 3 - Most people dont really like the art but I actually like the art; A vintage vibe.
Music - 1 - For the first 5-10 mins of the game its fine but then starts to get rather annoying.
Concept - 2 - I have seen this type of gameplay concept somewhere else but can not remember.
Controls - 3 - I see some people are having problems with the controls but to be honest I just see not problem with them, only 3 out of 5 on this one because other people have reported controls bugs e.t.c

You can improve this game by doing this steps.
1) Fix the odd resolution of the game (something like 1280x720 or maybe even 1920x1080)
2) Get rid of clutter (For example, the snow parallax effect and the white seams in the bottom and the right.)
3) Optimize font and font color (The green 'goal' counter is quite hard to make out due to the font, I suggest doing a more bold color like black or yellow for example.)

- Ben.

We return to the typical game that makes my mother addicted to games on their phones, not bad at all a game for phone maybe visible but this type of games for pc better integral to facebook!

Art is not the best
And the music is annoying really annoying

0Storyline or Objetives
0.5Controls(Sometimes i need press the click like 3 times)

i gonna to gift 0.5because my mom love game like this


Interesting, I've never played a match 3 with a finite amount of pieces before. It presented an interesting challenge. The things that I think could be improved are:
- The buttons, it seems like you made your own graphics but couldn't get the transparency to work.
- The text, the numbers jump around from left to right and are just a little weird to look at sometimes.
- The boxes, they are unaligned throughout the board and again with the white boxes I feel as though they were meant to have transparent backgrounds.
Also I looked at your other 3 game submissions and they seem to suffer the same types of issues. I can only imagine that you worked for a long time on these games and were very eager to release them. I see potential, but not when "good enough is good enough". Take pride in your creations and take the time to polish them. I'll say now that I don't make games myself and I never plan to, but I do make graphics for companies and the same rules apply I think. Good luck in your future creations!

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2.57 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2016
6:45 AM EST
Skill - Collect