Pixel Zombie Shooter

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Survive endless waves of the undead while upgrading your character and weapons, completing achievements to unlock valuable perks and repairing your motorbike to make a clean getaway. Oh. And you’ll probably die along the way.

Left Mouse: Shoot
MWheel or 1 and 3: Cycle weapons
A,D or Left, Right: Run
W or Up: Jump
S or Down: Repair Bike
R: Reload
E or I: Open Menu/Pause

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Version 1.1:
-The game now saves every 5 waves
-Added New Game+ mode.

This game starts easy, but if you're not careful in your upgrade and purchase strategies, you'll soon find yourself overwhelmed.

Reach wave 40 to see all 5 different enemies.

This is the first release version of the game. I've done plenty of testing, but if you find a bug or think the game could benefit from a new feature, please let me know!


-If you find the game lagging, try disabling Gore and/or Casings

-Invest early in the Fast Learner and Lucky abilities.

-Jumping is key to survival. Unlock/Upgrade the Multi-Jump ability when things start to get tough.

-Unlocking perks by completing achievements is an important strategy to beating the game.

-Sometimes a new weapon won't be as powerful as one you've already upgraded right away. However, investing in upgrades for new weapons will quickly result in a better weapon.

Special thanks to Linouille 8-Bit for all the great in-game music. Check out his Youtube Channel:

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Pretty hard But Eh not that bad Maybe a 3.5

lower the price of the guns

Oh man, I absolutely love the game, I've played it for hours and it's amazing. However (as I setting up a polite way to be a nit picky dick), I would really like to see:

-The zombies with limbs to be harder to kill (Like that would be their armor and the zombies without limbs would be as easy to kill as the ones who have heads and stuff still on)

-Crawling zombies (Like, if shooting at their feet caused significantly less damage but you could de-limb them)

-An enemy that is ill advised to shoot at (Like if you shoot at it it becomes 10 zombies, but if you don't it just wanders off) {I don't know if this exists yet, I'm still pretty early on in the game}

-Hard mode (Since you just added a save feature, you should make it possible to play without that and there should be a significant reward at the end for playing that way)

FidelumGames responds:

Hey ownerup,

Thanks a ton for the review! These really make all of the hard work that went into this game worthwhile. I'm glad that you're enjoying it :).

The idea about zombies with more limbs being tougher is a good one. I hadn't thought of this. I might implement this feature.

Also, your idea of a harder mode is also good. That is actually how I intended the game to be played, but I recognized how difficult the game can be, and how long it can take to get into the higher waves. I think I will add a hardcore mode based on your suggestion though (though I'll have to think of a really good reward).

I also thought about crawling zombies, but there's a significant amount of work involved in doing that, so I don't think you'll be seeing that (or other new enemies either). Maybe if this does well I'll make Pixel Zombie Shooter 2 with new enemies?

Thanks again! And please share the game with your friends!


FidelumGames responds:

Done! Added New Game+ mode too :)

Looks quite good, but you should atleast write in the description what the controls are. I personally couldn't find out how to upgrade the weapons and stuff. Also, it would be nice to see the achievements also as NG medals :)

FidelumGames responds:

Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to rate and review! Sorry I didn't list the controls (first time uploading to NG). They're in the description now if you want to try again. I don't imagine you made it very far without being able to upgrade ;)

I'll look into integrating NG medals too.

Thanks again!

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2.90 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2016
8:46 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed