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The 5 stages of Work Loss

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So I had the terrible luck of getting my file mysteriously deleted after the animation program shutting down, resulting in over 2 weeks of work gone.
I'm sure i'm not the only one, anyone who works with multimedia programs must have gone through this at least one time.

So anyway I made this animation expressing my experience through this ! (and surprisingly had a great time doing it!)

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That was good

A good story here real life experiences seem to come alive much better on flash animation, but you did a really good job re doing this and was pretty amazing so nice work here, I love the story and the ending was perfect verywell done animation you have here, you should make more like this.

just make more.


I had a very similar thing happen to me and one of my drawings I was working on for a while. I was finally finishing putting in all the permanent lines over the sketch lines, when out of nowhere, my laptop froze and became unresponsive. I force restarted it, but it never booted back up. Had to buy a new hard drive and lost all that progress. I know how that feels...very good work, though, bud.

Pro tip:

Save your source files on Dropbox. Revert to previous versions.

Stage 4 is the hardest one. Funny animation, I guess this relates to a lot of things: not just your Flash program crashing but maybe also a game crashing without you having saved the game. It might have been funny if you made the animation into a loop instead of ending it (again) at the beginning.

This is why I always auto save backups to cloud storage along with backups in at least 2 places on my computer very very very worth it, but I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't face this horrible trauma once before