Endless Dungeon

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1 10 Points

Unlock the Shadow Knight!

2 10 Points

Unlock the Battle Mage!

3 10 Points

Unlock the Squire!

4 10 Points

Unlock the Viking!

5 25 Points

Unlock the Samurai!

6 25 Points

Unlock the Monk!

7 25 Points

Unlock the Fencer!

8 25 Points

Unlock the Pirate!

10 50 Points

Unlock the Tank!

11 50 Points

Unlock the Assassin!

12 50 Points

Unlock the Gladiator!

13 50 Points

Reach Level 60!

14 50 Points

Kill 500 Enemies!

9 50 Points

Unlock the Guerilla!

Author Comments

Choose your class. Contribute your points and fight!

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It's very slow, and also a bit aggravating when you die and have to redo your stats, only to then die again. But it's still a nice little game, nothing to be competitive about.

Just going off of the mage vocation tree I feel like the nerfing of each stage is counter-intuitive. Yeah they START stronger [in a sense] but they quickly don't compare to what came before. The Monk in particular feels pretty pathetic. I'm having trouble getting him to level 40 and at this point I don't WANT to suffer through it.

Squire and Pirate both absolutely suck, and Squire moreso than Pirate.

Let's see, here you have a class with exceptionally low stats across the board. Yes you could cherry-pick some start stat that is better than in some other class, but in all cases the other stats of whichever class you compared to much more than make up for it in that other class.

You have some choices if you win the battle. Should I upgrade damage because my damage is terrible? Yes. Should I upgrade crit? Probably not because there's more important stuff to upgrade, though crit is terrible. Should I upgrade armor? It's awful, so probably. Should I upgrade health? Yes. Should I upgrade dodge? It is pretty bad, so maybe. Should I upgrade speed? Well my fighter is slow as molasses.

Then no matter what you upgrade you'll probably die a few battles in anyway, at least with Squire or Pirate. You have to get too lucky, both in terms of what enemies spawn for you to fight and in enemies missing you and you connecting hits, despite having terrible dodge percent and terrible speed. Better hope that flying fairy thing doesn't appear.

I really enjoyed this game! Having different classes, different fighters in those classes to choose from and being able to balance out your stats how you wanted was nice.

I encountered two frustrating flaws in your game, though. First of all, the level 60 medal is only obtainable if you're level 60 or above and you die. By that time, my current character was basically unbeatable, so I could not unlock the medal unless I started over and balanced out my stats differently, so I was easier to kill, which was completely unfair.

Secondly, the same issue goes for the kill 500 enemies medal. The player should not have to die to obtain these two medals. It makes it more difficult than it has to be to obtain them. Fixing the issue with those two medals would be appreciated.

You need to know which skills of your character develope the fastest. This one you need to train the most. The slow growing skills need to be trained as well, just enough to survive.
The best strategy is to go first on strength, heals and armour in the beginning. Then block up to 90%, it means 90% less damage. After that slowly build up critical points. Critical is based on your strenth and speed is based on strength and critical points, because that is what is connected. So you need to build your base skills first and then develope the other skills in this order to it.

It's wayyy too easy.
The next classes are harder to handle. They have over all better stats, but they aren't well balanced. Like the power is maxed to very good and the weakness is even weaker- but you need to build up both to survive. It's all based on your weakest skill.

But once you reached a certain level like you got 90% block and balanced def and ofensive you should be finde to reach level 100+ easily. I gave up on level 118 usually, not because I couldn't get any further- there was just no sense to do it.

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2016
3:08 PM EST
Simulation - Other