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Don't Forget the Bard!

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Author Comments

This game contains explicit text and sexual situations and is intended for ages 17+. I will keep an updated Wiki for everyone here: http://hotdogtopus.newgrounds.com/news/post/974125

A former bard of the king loses his position at the castle and is forced to seek other employment. Along the way, he stumbles across enemies, treasure, a few friends, and even a chance at love or -- well, you know.

How to Play:

If your adventure is cut short, you didn't have the right skills for your intended path. Sometimes you will need a combination of two skills to complete the path. For example, you may need strong bard powers and charisma in order to complete one path, but these skills could be useless for another.


Combat Power - basic physical combat and fencing skills
Bard Powers - mysterious powers of song and intuition
Composure - allows you to remain composed under intense circumstances
Charisma - make friends and influence people
Lore - knowledge about the realm could save your life

Artist Credit:

Title screen by Michael Perez
Music by Kannnaduki
Food Icon by Daniel Belohlavek @dbhvk
Fantasy Icon Pack by Ravenmore dycha.net
Fantsy UI Elements by Ravenmore dycha.net
Loyalty Lies Equipment - Rings by Heather Lee Harvey EmeraldActivities.com
Clothes credit to Clint Bellanger, Blarumyrran, crowline (CrowLineStudio), and Justin Nichol
Some Item Icons by Kem @ ascensiongamedev.com/community/profile/495-kem/

Build Notes:

7/22/2017 - version 2.0

-No further updates will provided for Don't Forget the Bard! I'm currently working on Don't Forget the Bard! Part 2.

12/6/2016 - version 1.4

- HTML5 support added!

12/1/2016 - version 1.3

- new cover art
- font style changed
- after 5 adventures, FB/Twitter share screen pops up

11/25/2016 - version 1.2

- Skills now improve as you complete related tasks
- Some achievements are included
- If your endurance reaches 0, your game will now end

11/21/2016 - version 1.1

- updated text for adventure choice/shopping screen
- choice for offering to work as a scribe for the pirates fixed

11/19/2016 - version 1.0

- Path 4 is not available in Open Beta.
- Achievements are currently in development.
- Please use comments or PM to report bugs.
- Please report hard crashes and or frequent hangs.
- Please report any text and or grammatical issues.
- Strategy guide coming shortly. Follow 'hotdogtopus' for updates.

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I feel violated

You had something really nice going on here, but hitboxes for buttons are really wrong and off mark. If that got fixed this would be a pretty nice game; sadly it's pretty much unplayable as is.

hotdogtopus responds:

Yeah, I don't know quite what happened. Originally, the game was tested in Firefox on browser. This is an old game and I'm surprised it still works. For some reason, the hotspots range between devices and browsers and are a problem on Chrome. I tried adding an underline, I think at one point. I don't know -- I think people manage to get it working somehow, but quite a shame.

Why i got sucked by a witch and why tf a hairy mf banged me?

Why did i just bang a mermaid

please fix the hit boxes cus they are terrible but everything else is pretty good

hotdogtopus responds:

Right, someone else mentioned this. I have had problems with this build from the beginning. There were a lot of changes to HTML5, I think, while I was developing. Quite a shame. I think it was working better at first because the game would default to Flash, but that is probably no longer supported.