Lewis: phase 1

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Help Lewis keep Mars without space junk.
That’s just the first phase of a game that I want to make much more developed.
Just want to know if you like the concept


It's a nice concept for an incremental- i think that with the upgrade cost increases there really needs to be some exponential potential (not trademarked). It's mars so you can always go crazy science- maybe clones- maybe a second person there to help explore (Clark?). Also, would prefer a sort of machine on one or both ends in which lewis (and/or clark) can deposit the junk and it turns it into some sort of material that is sold for coins- which you could potentially make a market for, increase/decrease profits, speed up/slow down the machine, add some sort of active ability or a mars rover or something for a speed increase- and then while it fuels up it's on cooldown- maybe increase the power and duration of the ability for coins and have to spend some to refuel faster or wait etc etc... Definitely a lot of potential but for any clear idea of where you;re going there needs to be some more direction. :) I love incremental games and hope to see a more solid version soon- feel free to pm me if you want creative feedback.

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With a clicker your supposed to be able to get more the faster you click but with this you have to wait AND YOU HAVE TO WAIT LONGER IF YOU UPGRADRE!!!

Awesome concept, please continue it! ill give it a 5 stars because the graphics and such didn’t really matter yet.

Fantastic concept, but it needs some more improvement in graphics, upgrades and more. Still good job! ;)

Pretty great concept, if I understand it right. Junk (aka coins) falls from the sky, which Lewis (aka, the player) needs to collect and use to purchase upgrades. Pretty simple.

The things you're missing though are:
- Better graphics. Obviously. Actual junk for the coins and an actual player model for Lewis. A good background, proper store and all that. Nothing too horrible.
- Upgrades. More than just faster walking and jumping. Magnets, income increases and additional visual unlocks always work well in such games. Or an additional sweeper-bot which helps collecting.
- A challenge/reason. So you're walking around. That's all. But is there a thing in the store you want players to buy that can permanently keep Mars clean? Or collect enough junk to leave the planet? What's the motivation?
- Why are we able to jump? Are you planning to put obstacles in the way? Things we shouldn't be touching unless we have a certain upgrade? (hint hint)

All in all, you've got a lot to work with here

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joao8991 responds:

I know I have, I made it in some hours and put here to get some feedback, to realize if it was worth to bet on making a complete game about it.
I'm thinking develop all you said, thank you

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2.52 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2016
5:43 PM EST
Action - Other