Scattered Time

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* Works best in Chrome*
* Adding gamepad support*

Update: Fixed Level Load Issue




- A/D or Left Right Arrow Keys To Move
- Space to Jump
- E to pickup/ Interact
- R to throw

Matt stays after school to make up for his poor grades by helping his Professor with some experiments. He figured he'd just be handing him some chalk.. carrying things around, and basically just be his assistant for an hour.

Well, the Professor has something a bit more... intense in mind.

Use your brain and your reflexes to survive the trials and experiments, in Scattered Time!

-Let me know if you find any bugs, thanks!-

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This game is too hard. Consider making different, separate levels instead. It's too easy to die and it gets frustrating really quickly.

You could discard the whole physics mechanic of throwing stuff away and remodel everything in a way throwing stuff isn't needed. Most of the time, moving stuff just makes harder to maneuver - the character slides to certain death on inclinations.

The idea is good. Execution isn't. There's a lot of room for improvement. I believe Rxman made very fine points already, so I'll just leave 3 more. One: Remove the physics-based object interaction and remodel rooms in a way it won't be missed. Two: Make it less linear, perhaps different levels with collectable items or journals (NOT TO BE THROWN - see previous point) or even a metroidvania of sorts. Three: Make screen size constant and consistent with character size at all times.

There is potential but, for now, the game is almost unplayable.

Cool game, but the restarting time is bit slow, the jumping motion (you know, others mentioned it already, where you freeze in jump) is annoying... The story and gameplay overall is realy well done tho

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Jasonario responds:

Yea, definitely some polishing is necessary to make it perfect. Thanks for the feedback!

Great game. The concept is cool but the throw function drops the item instead of actually throwing it. It only throws while the player moves toward a direction, like it throws left if I move to the left. It would be nice if you can actually throw the object while standing still. Also, when the table flipped, It just shows the jump animation, but is frozen. Overall, its a good game, just need a little more polishing.
Also, can you like add a death animation. Like the player dying then an animation where the player's movement reverses until to the checkpoint marker. Also, nice voice acting.

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Jasonario responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll probably polish everything later this week.

I'm sorry, id love to give this a try but the controls are just to unresponsive for my tastes. it takes far to long for movement I just cant play a platformer with controls that function like that. BUT the concept is really cool if the controls could be fixed I would gladly replay this game

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Jasonario responds:

Hey there! Sorry you're experiencing that, the controls should be immediate, meaning there should be no lag. Are you using chrome? Please message me with your browser info. Thanks!

There is potential here but the game got too frustrating too quickly for my tastes. The premise is interesting. I'll give you that much.

I would suggest making the 1st instance of critical timed jumping (the 1st time the view zooms out immediately after the introduction of the time fields and spikes) have have no death possibility. Remove the spikes and the moving platform and just keep the vertical moving time orb. Give the player a consequence free opportunity to play with the mechanic especially as it pertains to a moving time field. Don't get RID of that puzzle. By all means keep that specific challenge, just add it in later in the game once the player has had a chance to master it. I stopped playing the game because I grew too frustrated with the loose controls AND the need for precise timing AND the experimenting with the new mechanic. Ultimately that is only as far as I got, so I have to base my review only on that portion.

On a more technical note I also noticed that if a table bumped against something and tipped at an angle the game did not want to let me jump off of it instead making me slowly slide down the slope. this happened when I was pushing the table intending to use it to make a ladder to push the 1st button. The table bumped on some books and became angled. Because the game would not let me pick up the table I had to reload the game to try again.

I also noticed that if you are not moving you tend to drop the items you hold instead of throw. you only throw if you are moving forward. I would prefer a separate buttons. one for drop one for toss.

The game is interesting in concept and I would have liked to see more of what you would do with time manipulation. I sense there is a solid game here but it will take fair amount of polish to make it shine. As it is, it is frustrating bordering on the unplayable. I am going to give you 2 stars for the potential I see plus another half star for the voice acting.

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Jasonario responds:

Really great points! I'll probably do that. Thanks!

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3.03 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2016
7:31 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle