Blue Bonnet Continues

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Blue Bonnet Continues picks up after his heroic slaying of the Ogre as he explores an entirely new island! New features include:

New Battle system with 3 Difficulty Levels and 17 Unique Enemies, 3 Mini-Bosses, and the Final Boss,
2 Teammates with unique fighting styles,
A Reputation system determines storyline,
20 Sex Events, 25 Medals, 22 Quests,
11 Weapon/Armor upgrades, Hidden items and treasures...

The game is fully completed. Of course I will be adding more content in over the next six months, or longer...

*** SOUND is controlled by the + - and 0 (Zero) keys ***

WASD to move. Space to Interact/Talk. Mouse or 1234 for Buttons. 'H' for help Menu with detailed info.

*** Press 'A' to prepare attack, then 'Enter' to confirm it. ***
*** Toggle Fast Battles with 'P'. Turns off animations. ***

ASDF -Blue Bonnet Buttons:
Press 'A', then 'Enter' to Attack.
Press 'S', then 'Enter' to recharge Mana.
Press 'D', then 'Enter' to increase Power.
Press 'F', then 'Enter' to Heal.

QWER -Emilie Buttons: Same result as Blue Bonnet's buttons.
ZXCV- April-May Buttons: Same, except instead of attacking, April-May distracts the enemies, lowering their AT/DF.

---------------------- Version Updates -------------------------
-Multiple Jars and Jar Items now save properly.
-Lumberjack Wood now allows you to heal on map.
-Fast Battle option added. Press 'P' to toggle.
-Fish Kit Finished! 8 fish to catch! Sell to Dockmaster.
-Ending game pic added after mayor sex.
-Heidi removes bugs for you once have vegetables.
-minor visual and textual changes.
-Removed Brothel Whore Medals until I can fix them in game.
- Fixed Multiple Healing errors,
-Shepherd fight not giving sheep,
-Erase game causes Battle to fail,
-Fighting Boss causes him to appear on bridge.
-Loop error where Emilie keeps running away in Noname.
-Dialog error stopping April-May from joining you.
-Heidi Sex scene should work when you find April-May now.
-Buying Charms changes teammate dialog now.
-Released on Nov.16, 2016

THANKS for all the help finding errors!
-Please message me with any other errors you find. please be VERY specific, so I can find them: Location, what you did, who you talked to, what happened, what items you had and so on...

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guys you sure the builidngs and the map arent real or somone made them what are the rules of the virtual world why i cant find exit is this game insane you got ntohign to do so 2 you are testign my hakers skills can iadd stuff to the program or press f 12 to disable the conzole what means 2 in other sites there is 3 4 and 5 and they are 1and 2 green 3 yellow and 4 and 5 red i dont get it so i vote red what greeat green and yeloow means sry im to lazy to read all you can pm me

SlingBang responds:

hmmm totally agree of a'll saying that truthy and its only understand to forever can realise what u say since writing so clear everwhere it not need punctuation or proper sentance structure or logic at all very much like to help but wtf you taking about

Great game and storyline if your'e a bit patient.

I really cant understand how to get the sausages for Sofie, if the chef is in the princes pallace how am I supposed to get there...?
Or is there someone else to get the sausage from?

SlingBang responds:

The Sausage is given to you by the palace guard on the Northern ship by the castle...

HOWEVER... it not in the game because Sofie's final sex scene isn't finished yet. The final scene is as large as all her other sex scenes combined so still requires days of work to complete. It will be finished in a future update, likely, New Years at the earliest.

Definitely an improvement from the first game. Minor flaws, but still deserving of 5 stars. Great job!

SlingBang responds:

Glad you liked it. After school ends for Xmas, I'm hoping to do 2 art updates on this game First by Xmas and another by New years. I want each woman to have a full sex story finished (similar to Heidi) There might even be some sneak previews of the women in the next chapter as well.

Starting January, I'll get to work on the next chapter, releasing 11 months later, Dec 2017. I want to get the chapters out on time, so, I won't include any more animated scenes. Since I'm using actionscript ONLY (I can't afford Flash, and don't know how to use it anyways), literally half the code, and months of work, was controlling the movements of the animations... and after all that work , they turned out like crap. I will be using layered images instead.

I might release another small game in the summer if I have time. I have so many half-finished games on the back burner, I have to release them sometime!

I will give you solid 4 and try to explain myself. It might be a rather lengthy post.

First - it was surprisingly enjoyable considering a bunch of things that could be better and small bugs (sadly, not butterflies). I really like the fact that you put effort into creating different paths in story or even small side quests, they were natural and because of the choices I will replay this game for sure.

Now, about things that are mostly connected to how you made game (engine):
1) Everyone brings out animations in battles and this is certainly the weakest point of the game. There are delays between turns of combat, animations of melee attacks takes a lot of time as you made everyone walk rather slowly to enemy and back again. Pity you can't change it now as stated in some response, it would make this game so much more enjoyable.
2) Issues with mana. I had April-May at 7/10 for most of the lighthouse because she wasn't gaining anything more. My main hero also was stuck at 14/15 at some point but during different battle I was able to get 16/15 because of recharge at the start of my turn.
3) Combat system i.e. skills bound to keys is a very arcade-like system and rather pointless in slow paced RPG game. I also had problems with cancelling once selected action - is it even possible? And exiting battle by Esc doesn't require confirmation, a bit harsh in lighthouse when I wanted to try to get it done faster.

There is one thing I want to suggest you - try using RPG Maker or things similar to this. There is a lot of games that are made in it and you can rather freely operate within it and you are going to have a lot of things done for you (in terms of underlying mechanics of engine). You should check hentai game "Noxian Nights" - if you don't know it, it might be very interesting for you to see how a lot of things can be resolved. Of course, battle system in that game might not fit your preferences but it's just one way of doing it (you would probably prefer combat system from "Mardek RPG" series).

Just by creating same game using different engine you would get rid of several problems this game has. I can understand that you might want to improve your skills by doing everything from the scratch and it's surely fine but I would suggest using existing solutions first and if they are not satisfying - then creating new things. This way you will learn a bit different things but you will get more things done and they will have higher quality. It's up to you in the end but if you are studying programming as you said somewhere you should know importance of using good libraries and not developing everything from the scratch.

Just two bugs I found:
1) Mana issues I pointed out above.
2) When I climbed tower first I didn't encounter a mage. For some reason I could trigger dialogue with girls and sex but had to climb it again to fight mage and light fire. It was painful

And now, in the last part, a few things about balance and design decisions.
1) You made monsters auto-scale to hero's level which kinda makes levelling a bit pointless, or rather a bit more painful. When I played I didn't know how to get quickly teammates so I was just trying to farm enough coins for gear and then advance. It made my hero quite powerful compared to later received companions and monsters were powerful enough to take them down quickly. Monster scaling is a tricky subject and I have to admit I rather prefer either combination of scaling and zone limits (for example starting zone will scale monster levels up to level 5 of hero and so on).
2) Mana system made fights long and boring for me. When I entered lighthouse I couldn't simply escape battles and had to fight everything. So basically whatever I was fighting I had to kill ranged attackers first (as they could k.o. my girls and were inclined to attack them) and then spend several turns recovering mana to be ready for next fight. I guess I should play on easy difficulty to cut playtime by 50% - and 50% cut would be just idle sitting and pushing buttons for recovery, nothing interesting. Again, if you don't know how to nicely balance it - maybe use system from other game. Using tested systems isn't a bad thing as you have different things as a main dish in your game.
3) Potions/items being automatically used. I think I should put this to previous section but it might be a design choice (even though I think it was just a limitation of combat system). I don't really like idea of having my consumables taken from me automatically, it takes away crucial planning especially for long dungeons like lighthouse. In the end I just had a bunch of herbs saved for my hero as everything else had to be used automatically on pointless battles.

My review might look rather harsh but I wanted to point out things that made, have to say it, a bit mad - because I know that had you created this game in a bit different way it would be so much better. I don't regret spending time with it and writing this review, I will certainly revisit it after you will deal with some small problems you have now. And I guess I will play it on easy to just be able to freely go through battles without mana problems.

In overall, a nice game. I really want to see your future works done in some tested engine so you can focus on content, not on engine problems.

PS: I don't remember anything else that I wanted to point out in review, I guess I will PM you in the future if I find something else.

SlingBang responds:

Thank-you for your helpful review! Sorry for the long reply-time. I was sick all week...

I have looked into RPG-Maker (as well as others) but the problem is they can't be compiled into a .swf or .html file, so they can't be uploaded to Newgrounds. I might eventually combine all my Blue Bonnet chapters into one game in RPG-maker someday though.

Most of the gameplay issues (bound keys, long battle-time, can't cancel attacks, auto-use items...) is due to me having no programming skill when I started 3 years ago. I literally was copy-pasting code from random tutorials to make it work... The next chapter should run far closer to a traditional RPG and be coded properly. I'll see if I can add in code to allow choosing use of items and cancelling attacks.

I have added in 4 different patches to try and fix that missing-wizard problem but I'm not sure if it's yet fixed...

The monster scaling was actually one coding challenge I was proud of! :D It actually wasn't easy. The monsters scale slower than the players though so leveling up does make the game easier. The lighthouse is supposed to be difficult. It's the final level. There has to be possibility of death (or ejection in this game) of else where's the satisfaction from beating it.

You mention having to target ranged first or you lose the girls. But, if you lose BB the fight is over. The ranged enemies target the girls and the melee targets BB. Also, AM weakens the enemies but then she can't heal the team. BB could attack every turn or charge up and deal more damage in the future. Each of these is a strategic choice. I am considering including a skill to charge all the team up (like Red Ox but group effect) I might give it to Emilie.

Thanks again for the review. Your advice was very helpful!

Comparing to the [what I believe is] first chapter you've improved a lot! Don't be alarmed if anything takes you a year, two or longer. No need to rush at all. As people would say 'you never hush an artist' and that is exactly a term I am going to use to describe your work.
It is diffucult and the gameplay is turn based. I... love it!
Confusing if you aren't reading dialogues and some fights are... ugh!

SlingBang responds:

Glad you liked the game. It's true I am making more of an 'art project' than a sex-game or epic-RPG. I know people would rather see games like Sukhon Somporn with better art and more sex options... and I will make more like that, but I also want to make games I like. So, Blue Bonnet will continue!

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2.72 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2016
7:35 PM EST
Adventure - RPG