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Return to Earth

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The game is still in 'alpha' phase so please be assured I am taking on board all player feedback and striving to make improvements and changes where needed, no matter how big or small.

Hey guys, I'm embarking on a project to make a futuristic / retro style / sci-fi Metroidvania.

Please offer any constructive feedback, thanks so much:)

Controls for keyboard:

Arrow keys to move (up arrow to jump).

A to shoot
S to dash (when unlocked)
W to rewind (when unlocked)
D to place bomb (when unlocked)
Enter or P to pause.

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Interesting game, but the lag/slippery controls is really annoying. Hope you're still working on this because it has potential.

I ADORE the Music. I totally dig it. It's simple, repeats somewhat quickly, yet the progression in each song is enough to where it's just right. I love that the music changes depending on what area you're in. The boss theme was AWESOME and I felt pumped fighting it.

I also Love the Aesthetic Factor. I wish I could Play this in fullscreen on a big TV. I Love everything about the way you did the Graphics. The CRT filter is a beautiful touch, Even though I'm playing on a laptop, everything looks Crisp and Clear. (As far as the pixel placement and CRT lines go) I'm Personally not having any problems with any lag. There's also a good level of challenge. enough that I can't just breeze through, but not so hard that I rage. This game Is awesome, And It's probably one of my favourite Metroidvania Games I've seen so far.

There are a few things that confused me however. I didn't understand the point of the gem-shaped things that you shoot. I'm also not sure what the Things are that you get from the things you spend the coins on are or what they do.

A few suggestions, If I may:
A map Would be extremely helpful. I really do wish there was a map that I could Check to figure Out where I am. I actually haven't been able to finish the demo yet because I got lost and wasn't sure where to go next.

there are a few areas where I feel like the obstacles are a bit overbearing and a bit too much. (Specifically the Purple Area.) in those same areas it also feels a little Claustrophobic. So perhaps removing a few obstacles and/or opening it up a bit to give room for movement would probably be a good Idea.

More Storyline would be really nice. I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this universe. so more story would be nice. Then again, I kinda figure that the story would develop along the way as you progress anyways.

At the loading screen with the:
"Report Error?
That would be cool if there was a way to type stuff, perhaps add some kind of easter egg(s)?

overall I can see this game going places. It's beautiful. It feels like a combination of Mettroid and CastleVania. This is basically the definition of Metroidvania. I can almost feel like I'm playing in my Gameboy Advance while playing this. Keep up the phenomenal work.
God Bless.

I generally try to finish a game before I review it, but I really can't with this - between the controls, the lag, and the blurry graphics, playing it feels too lousy to spend the time on.

The controls feel a little sluggish (movement feels slow to start), but my biggest qualm is that you've mapped jumping to the "up" key, which never feels good unless I'm using the mouse to aim (and thus my keyboard hand is focused around one area) or I'm *only* using the arrow keys to interact, and my other hand is idle. Otherwise, having "jump" mapped to a key near shoot, dash, etc would feel much better (like how you have it mapped to a face button in the gamepad controls - it's the same logic).

Music is annoying but easily muted. Don't have much to say about the SFX as I muted it - would be nice if I could mute music and SFX individually, but not a big deal.

Like many other reviewers, the game would lag whenever the graphics got a bit intense. I'm running on a laptop, so I'm not too surprised, but it's still a bummer when I'm playing a flash game and it's too intense for a laptop from this decade. Closing other programs helped with this a bit, but that's a bit inconvenient.

My largest complaint by far is that you've got pixelated graphics at an extremely small scale with a scan line filter on top of it. Everything looks blurry whenever I'm moving, and it both hurts my eyes and makes it hard to tell what's going on. It might work if full-screen mode was enabled and the graphics were scaled up, but as it stands now it's terrible and makes me not want to play it at all.

Beyond that, the game's just sort of run-of-the-mill - the time control mechanic sets it apart from most metroidvanias, but even that's a bit passé in 2D platformers at this point, and there's no real story to pull the player in (unless it's much later into the game and I just haven't reached it yet).

RitchieRitual responds:

Sooooooo .... you saying you didn't like it then? xDDD

Honestly... I loved it. It wasn't really difficult, but I thought it was on purpose... I think it would have be great to add a scenario to your game, you know. The universe is very interesting, so why not? I'd love to know what happened on Earth, why does this research lab exists, where do all those parasite-plant monsters come from... But in the end, it was a very decent demo. I love art pixel art, its one of my favorites kinds of 2D art, and I know how compicated that must have been to draw all those sprites.

For the remaining, I've read a lot of reviews below saying the game was laggy, but I didn't lag (on Chrome).The only thing that was frustrating for me was about the weapons, the upgrading system and the fact you lose your gun when you die... I lost the flamethrower I found by pure hazard, so I'm a little bit.... Argh...

In the end, that game has a real potential. I'm totally impatient to see it when you'll finalize it :)

PS: Sorry for my english if I have made any mistakes, I'm trying to do better but I know I'm not perfect ;) Keep up the good work !

Looks great, lags a lot. Certain screens get stuck with no allowance of returning to main screen. When Skipping through the intro the page gets stuck on repeat with 6 years laters. A little more tweeking and this will be a stellar game.