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Stone Sorceress - Trailer

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Comedy - Original

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Nov 14, 2016 | 2:33 PM EST

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Author Comments

A short sneak peak for episodes 1-10 served up with a slice of Carmina Burana for your enjoyment.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

More of the same, recycled stuff from you. I mean, seriously. Rather than submitting a new episode and/or new content every so often and leaving it up, you submit recycled clips and episodes over and over again. First, you submit a clip. Then you submit another clip. Then you submit part of the episode. Then you submit the full episode. Then you submit a trailer with clips from the same and different episodes.

I've seen several submissions with the girls in the water, now removed. I've seen the Medusa submission several different times- removed as well. I've seen the one with the lust demon in the city over and over. The demon lady behind the mirror was new, but that's because I don't pay attention to what you submit any more. Because, it's usually something I've seen already, despite being a 'new' submission. Again.

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stone-sorceress responds:

so... are we wasting time here?
should we even bother posting the episodes?
you do realize we're kinda doing this for free, right?
and since you've been with us for some time, you probably also know why it was removed... right?

damn... we have yet to post something on this site without rubbing someone the wrong way...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great animations... but the sound is still a bit off. And by that I mean your choice of Carmina Burana, a very staccato chant, when most of the scenes shown are slow-paced buildups. Here you need a soundtrack that weaves between ominous dark, to light and whimsically enchanting, with a few crescendos where the spells go off.

I'd look through classical music in the Vienna school, as they built a lot of pieces around story-telling, operas and myths and whatnot, in that period.

Oh, and then you switch to trumpets from what, a mariachi band? Then a grating cut to evil laughter? Talk about whiplash change of moods! The laughter should fade in, with a bit of reverb. And if you must have trumpets, keep it in the medieval mood you're trying to set, say, by using a fanfare as you'd hear at a tourney.

Please, respect the quality of your animation and plot-writing. (Which is fairly elaborate and self-consistent, for porn. It actually makes as much sense as magic and a hedonistic world with no big shame-based thought police.)

Sound, dudes. It tells your public how to feel about what they see. You need someone on your team with more of a feel for that... Your final product is good, but your first test runs here on NG have often fallen short on the soundtrack side. And it took you several tries to get serious about the voice acting, back when you started. You need someone with an ear for quality sounds.

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stone-sorceress responds:

you are absolutely right Bistander... this is what happens when an animator thinks he can do sound design... we'd fire him, but then nobody would be left to do animation ;]

but seriously, if you know of a sound designer who could lend a hand, pleeeeas lemme know!

...maybe we should post an add here on NG...