Deep Space Shooter Prologue

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You are a human captain lost amidst hostile aliens and you just managed to hijack one of their ships.

Now you have to get ready for the ensuing war and your trusty AI has prepared a number of simulations that should get you up in no time!

A comfortable an easy to understand twin-stick shooter, this prologue focuses on creating a fluid shoot'em up experience, with tight controls and expects the player to know when to run and when to take some hits to kill an enemy.

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Took me a bit to get use to the controls and hitting some of the smaller enemies but once I got the hang of it and got some upgrades going the game really become fun.

I agree with PereDM, making your bullets a tad bigger would help, or make that an upgrade. Also some more effects would be nice. Fun game, I'll will definitely be playing this some more.

MatKrulli responds:

Oh, I didn't even think about bigger bullets as an upgrade. Now that *would* be considerably nice indeed. Heck, how did I miss that?

As for the effects, we had a little bit of a hard time getting all those to work(I mean, this game was developed on a pretty much non-existent budget), so sorry about that =(

Still, if the campaign goes through, there will be a super-prologue being developed, in the same style as this prologue, but with all the extra content from the next main game, and I'll certainly publish it here once it's launched(there's a tier for receiving it early, but once the next game is launched, the super-prologue will become free).

Anyway, it seems people *would* indeed like a game with more effects, at least in this style, so we'll certainly do that if the campaign goes through. It'll also be nice to be able to work with a main branch of more serious games, starting with the next one and a spin-off branch of more arcade-y ones ^^

I love the idea of making UI like how the captain's would be, it really makes you feel like being inside the game. The mechanics aren't very innovative, but the gameplay is good and entertaining.

What I think could improve is the game feel. Every time you shoot a bullet it should feel good, and when you kill an enemy the sound, explosions, screenshake, etc. should make you feel amazing (what I'd do is make bullets bigger and nicer, more frequent; better sounds; some UI saying "1kill" or "xX combo"...). I'd recommend watching this talk about the topic (bit.ly/2fviu8H).

MatKrulli responds:

Hum, yes, it's most certainly true that we focused on quality over innovation on this one, the idea was to make a good, solid, game first and *then* start to play around with new stuff.

As for the game fell, the thing is this is actually the first game of a series(we're having an Indiegogo about the next one right now) and the series ideia is to evolve into a more complete and complex experience, with an actualy campaign, a strategy mode and all that.

So, although this game is pretty arcade-y, we tried to move away from those neon, super noisy, super bright titles such as Geometry Wars or Beat Hazard, because it would affect the series adversely long-term.

Still, it is true we could make this game have a better feel according to its own style. It won't be possible to do this as a fix(we'd have to rework all the assets and all that), but if the campaign goes through, there is a "super-prologue" planned and we could implement those things there.

Nevertheless, we'll keep it in mind for the future ^^

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2.99 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2016
8:11 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional