Red Jumping Hood

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A fast-paced pixelart platformer, themed on an incredibly popular children's story.

Starts kind of light, but gets faster, gloomier and more challenging as you progress.

I did my best to keep the resolution and number of spritesheets frames as low as possible, to keep the retro(ish) look.

Made as a rapid-jam-fun-project-thing, but enjoy anyway!

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The game was definitely fun and I liked the pixel graphic, but it was kind of disappointing to find that collecting the berries didn't do anything at all. I thought maybe if you got enough of them, you'd get an alternate ending or something, but there wasn't one so what was the point to having them in the game?

imperfectgames responds:

Thank you Plasmarift! Sorry to dissapoint you ;) I was a little tight on time, so ultimately the berries served just a purpose of giving the player some extra challenge - without any reward, unfortunately.
Having an alternate ending based on berries count sure is a cool idea (Wario Land anyone? :d) - I will keep that in mind!

Very good game jam game! There is a pretty big difficulty spike in level 3. After I got through it the next levels were a little easier then the whole game was over :( I wanted more!

It's a nice simple game that I feel you could turn into a really good full game. More levels, tighten the controls a bit, more music, SFX.

imperfectgames responds:

Thanks, decafpanda!
Haha, yeah, I can see the spike, I guess being the only tester made me better at the game and therefore less prone to difficulty increase. :)

I found the game controls really uneasy. Please, work on them, and I'm sure the game will improve.

imperfectgames responds:

Hi GreenArrow74, thanks for the review!
Aw, I know, I fiddled with the controls _a lot_ and finally figured out they were "passable" and decided not to waste any more time on them - it was a jam after all.
Hope to surprise you with better controls in the future ! :)

The game is very fun for its simplicity.
The idea of different mushrooms with different powerups is very original, and I love the different paths you can take in the level with different long term rewards (powerups).
What wasn't so good is the sound, which feels kinda repetitive: you should add more variations to the jump sound. And the music in my opinion would fit better if it was more retro-like.

Pretty impressive for a game jam. Good job.

imperfectgames responds:

Thanks, PereDM!
Simplicity was what I had in mind. I put a fair amount of time into designing the paths and risk-reward payoffs, cool you noticed that!
The sound is a disaster, I agree. I have no experience with sound design (yet!) and had to just pull something off one of the royalty-free-music-and-samples websites.

PS. "idea of different mushrooms with different powerups is very original" - never heard of Mario, have you? ;)

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2.88 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2016
1:05 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop