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Finite Moves: Levels Pack

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Spend every move to shift tiles to the designated spots over 50 intricate levels with flashy effects and soft relaxing music.
Discover the game's secrets for additional challenge!

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Aside from the massive spikes in difficulty, it's pretty good.

Speaking of difficulty spikes, level 17 seems to be impassible, like, to the point where I'd actually say the game is glitching out. I've tried every combination I can think of, from the most straight forward to the most absurd, and still there is always a piece off. I've starred at the screen so long it's giving me a bloody headache while I blazed through all the other levels of the damn game. I've even sunk to looking up a walkthrough, of which there is absolutely none, which makes me yet more suspicious that it's simply designed improperly.

If anyone can prove this is some type of mis-matched program indeed, I'd appreciate it; as the only other option is that I'm a knuckle dragging retard who can't see the solution in front of his face.

Can't complain got the brain moving on my gaming binge.

nice puzzle game with good effects and a slick UI. I have not experienced any of the lag that another review mentioned.

Some more backgrounds would be nice and some more music tracks

Good game, also, my vote was the last one needed to protect this submission :)
I like the gameplay, but I think that it's quite repetitve, same music, same background, same gameplay... maybe adding different levels with different aspects, like different background music or different style of the tiles would help.

This game is standard, but the graphics can be improved, and the game lags after every level and retry, which is inexcusable for puzzle games of this kind. I've also come across a glitch that allows me to complete a level with no effort, but I haven't been able to replicate it since the first time i came across it. Overall, it's really what you expect from a puzzle game.