Triangle Sweeper

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Author Comments

Click all of the tiles without getting blown up!

A square minesweeper tile checks 8 tiles around it
These tiles could be defined as the tiles that share a corner with the center tile

Applying this idea to triangles, tiles in triangle sweeper check 12 tiles around it.

Click a number tile to highlight the tiles it is checking
Right click a tile to flag it
Click and drag from one tile to another to flag the tile you release on (this allows fast flagging on touch screens)

The edges of the grid are always safe!
I wanted to decrease the difficulty in starting a game and increase the probability that a game can be completed based solely on logic, so you won't ever be forced to guess.
This isn't entirely avoided since flagged tiles won't be able to show you their number, but I might address this in the future.
It moves towards the goal that every puzzle is solvable without guessing.

I am also currently developing this game for android.

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This might be OK if right clicking to flag something worked. It doesn't though, so it's basically a waste of time.

Niborious7 responds:

It definitely works for me. Try using chrome if you are having issues on other browsers.


I'm sorry but this is way too hard even on Small. I read the tutorial, but still don't understand. Every single tile I click end up being a mine.

I remember this game, and I love it!!!

Nice, simple and mind boggling! I didn't get the award for the hard puzzle at first, but I didn't mind playing it again. I enjoy mine sweeper! Good game!

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2016
8:09 PM EST
Puzzles - Other