Bouncing Hell!

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Bouncing Hell this is 2d Platform game with four characters, with quests and missions, with four-color of background and three sound tracks, game where you need to jump and collect points and try not to fall down, the longer you stay on the platforms the more points you collect.

On the game «Bouncing Hell» I worked for about a month, and I hope the game you realy enjoy, if a game you like, you have the opportunity to support me as the author, buying my game «Bouncing Hell» or donate any scrip, thus you will not only get the game «Bouncing Hell» but also support me in creating new game Ship and accelerate processes of its creation approaching release date.

Thank You!

P.S. sorry for my english)

Mouse or Arrow keys

Full version on itch.io:

Thank You for Your comments, they help me to really make the games better!

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Controls: Mouse - unplayable. Thanks god you put arrows as alternative. Platforms are really slippery. I have to drop from above on them vertically becaue if I try to land on them with some horizontal speed I am bound to slip off them.

Graphic looks nice but doesn't give me wow effect.

Music - annoying

Upgrades - two skins and that's it?

Anvils are undodgeable. There is no idication on what position they will appear. Once they appear either they hit you or you are in non-collision position. It's pure chance, no influence by player actions.

Overall: I feel like the graphic was supposed to be main selling point and this part worked. I did gave this game a few runs so it's not a total disaster but it's not something I would like to interact with more than 5 minutes. I feel like this game is an empty shell - pretty on the surface but with nothing to offer benath it.

Good game. really nice graphics. I would say that the movement needs work on because the platforms are too slippery and the double jump is too high. I think the viewer should also be able to see more of the screen. a lot of polish.

This game is cute for me, even I'm poor in action game( make characters jump in correct place), I still like to try it!

I like the game a lot, the only thing is I wish the screen was just a bit taller to avoid the anvils better. And also itd be a nice touch to have to press enter to start the game so that youre right next to the controls. otherwise its a simple great idea thats definately replayable. great visuals also

This could be so much fun but it's not. The music is very annoying and gets old in 10 seconds. But the real issue is control. Why the mouse? And why is everything so damn slippery? That would be fine on it's own but the biggest problem about the controls is that the movement isn't centered with the character. If you're on the right side of the screen and want to move left you have to move your mouse to the left of the screen and not to the left of your character.

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2.78 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2016
7:43 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other