Stone Sorceress - Ep. 1

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Bothered, Bewitched, and Be-Demoned (Episodes 1-4)

A hugely hung demon appears in the Land of Lustoria and ravages his way across the local countryside, banging nymphs, village girls, and any big-busted maid he can lay his paws on. It’s up to our heroes, Sara Slane (the Stone Sorceress) and her golem lover Stoney to catch the fiend, un-hex the girls, and screw the monster out of existence!

Episode 1

A new assignment for the Stone Sorceress! Sara Slane and her golem lover Stoney use their mystical powers to spy on a sex demon rampaging through the Land of Lustoria. Pretty village girls may fall before the monster’s massive manhood, but Sara has a plan to cut the big boy down to size.

original version:


i loved it sooo much by far is the best
it made me cum so much...I'M STILL CUMMING....YESS!!!!!!!!1

I've seen the original...there is absolutely no reason to do this stupid censorship thing you are doing at the beginning of every sex scene.

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stone-sorceress responds:

and you are absolutely right...
please enjoy the episodes that have not been senselessly censured

Unlike most A-rated movies this one appears to have a story spanning. across various episodes However, the fact this one is censored for little to no reason make me hesitant to give it more the three stars; why would I want to enjoy a censored pornographic movie when I could watch other uncensored movies that have higher quality character art or model designs? In any case, unless you have seen this before and are actually looking at adult movies just to enjoy the plot I suggest you skip this series and look at literally anything else in the adult movie collection, yes that includes MLP parodies.

Seriously? Why is this in my feed?

I don't know what has been going on with your project, but this is starting to get old. I have been a fan of this series since I first saw it. Yet for some reason, I keep getting frustrated with the decisions your team has made over time... In particular, re-releasing old episodes as new, and removing subsequent episodes.

The only reason I would see this happening is to get more new people to see the series, and therefor increase the amount of people subscribing to your Patreon. I think this is a cheap and underhanded way of obtaining funds. Short episodes (i.e. magic dildo) and still renders are a much better way of advertising, because not only does it increase the amount of available content, it also is a sure fire way to not piss off your fans.

I thought it was bad when a substantial amount of content was removed and the Gorgon arc was re-released... But now I see everything has been purged, and the first episode has been, for lack of a better word, gimped. Seeing Stoney stroke the air a couple inches above his pants was cringeworthy enough to make me stop the video and post a review critical of your works and decisions. Once again, the only reason why I can see this happening is to get people to fund your project. Become a patron if you wish to see the content the way it was meant to be seen. Not good.

I originally rated this episode 4 stars, this "new" one gets a 3. I was going to rate it 2.5, but I gave a half star allowance because I liked the way the nymphs were clothed (Leaves more to the imagination, and gives them character). I sincerely hope what you have done will be a thing of the past. This is a very good series, and I'd prefer not to unsub. But I will if this trend continues.

I hope to see more of your works soon.

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stone-sorceress responds:

sorry ramses... never meant any of your speculations... even tho it might make sense to you, it doesn't make a lot of sense to us: giving up all the views, friendly comments and a trophy or two is simply not worth a few extra fans from republishing!

besides... think of those who haven't seen it, or those who might like it just enough to watch it again.

Amazing, keep up the good work :)

stone-sorceress responds:

thanx wolfe!

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Nov 7, 2016
7:01 PM EST
Comedy - Original