Escape From Friend's Room 2016ver.

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You and your friend, Cola King was chatting in his room, but he went out for his favorite drink, Cola. He didn't come back for a long time, you wanted to find him, and found you cannot open the door! Time to escape!

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Way too confusing and illogical. Even if you have the exact right idea you'll still probably not get the answer as the author's math is wrong. So here is what you need to know.

When the clock says to add up the hours and the minutes, that is wrong. It will probably be hour hand on the 7 and minutes hand on the 11 (if not, substitute and do the proper math). Well doing the proper math, this would get you 7 (hours) + 55 (minutes) = 62 (hours + minutes) however the answer the game wants is 18 for this piece, a mere 7 + 11. Someone never used analog clocks!

The egg box says a whole egg is worth 2 (or at least it did when I played). However this is wrong. Do not count any of the whole eggs but only count the cracked eggs.

Those are the two main things to keep in mind. Other than that, add up each of the three sets of things it tells you to add up from one of the clues, receiving a 2-digit number for each addition (and if it's one digit, put a leading 0 in front). Then order these three 2-digit numbers according to another clue and that's your answer.

I'm trying not to make this any more spoilery than necessary but the clock hint was just flat-out wrong and the eggs hint wasn't fair either.

I feel achieved to have escaped. Nice puzzles.

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks for playing!
And congratulations :)

Very good, though graphics could be better.

Shuinvy responds:

That's the style of the series( though the first one isn't released in Newgrounds).
Still thanks for playing!

Traditional Escaping game. find clues, read notes, use your thinking skills to pass the Escape Test!

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks for playing my game :)
I hope you can finish it( open the door) for all hints ;)

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2.92 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2016
6:36 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click