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Robo Ball is the only robot capable of solving the most complicated labyrinths in the world with the push of a button !!

Test your wits and imagination along different puzzles.

Each challenge will be full of pitfalls and obstacles you have to overcome to find the hidden path and escape.


Fun game and I had the same problem were nothing was coming up; but after i turned my ad block back on i was able to see a bar at the top of the screen asking me to allow an outdated version of unity player after i clicked allow the game came up fine

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JoanMartinezClari responds:

Helpful post. Thanks.

great puzzles overall except for the ball sound, it becomes kinda stressful in the middle of the game

JoanMartinezClari responds:

I will change that sound. Thanks

No loading appears-
Tried refreshing,clearing chaches and on different browsers
No diea what's going on

JoanMartinezClari responds:

No idea what can i do for you with that information. I don't know if more people have the same problem.

A well-designed and addictive puzzle game, but I feel I should dock you a star because the ding noise your robot makes as it bounces off the walls drives you crazy after a while.

JoanMartinezClari responds:

Thanks! you have the option to mute that. I have friends working on the sound and fx.

The visuals are polished, the animation is fluid, the sound design is impeccable, the editing is about flawless, the game is built around a mechanic that seems natural for puzzle games - which makes it odd that a straight puzzle game like this is one of the few genres I haven't seen it in, the interface is simple and responsive - this is a 10/10 in my book, I can't think of anything I'd change to improve it, apart from maybe adding some ambient music. I could see myself playing this for hours on my phone.

JoanMartinezClari responds:

This comment makes me happy. Thanks, really. I have friends working on the sound.

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3.64 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2016
12:33 PM EST
Puzzles - Other