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Madness Descent

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Author Comments


STORY/LORE: u got a game called "MADNESS DESCENT" at a garage sale, the old man who sold it to you said, "This was the last game my grand son ever played before he died..." but it was no ordinary NES game, this one WAS HAUNTED!!!!!

Sounds from http://www.freesound.org/people/JarAxe/sounds/180414/

Some more from http://soundimage.org/

Shoutouts to Ali-Hassan, DleanJeans, and starry-abyss from the HaxeFlixel forums, check em out!

starry-abyss: https://twitter.com/IgorsGames
DleanJeans: https://twitter.com/DleanJeans

SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/MadnessDescent

ALTERNATE LORE: You are in the crazy world and got on Halloween. Our hero went for adventure, and better places than you can imagine, as a deep dark dungeon under the old building with a century of history. It is said that in the underground corridors fly evil ghosts, so you check it, but for one character happily help avoid a meeting with the spirits. Management - arrows. (Written by some russian flash site)

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the binary says no "4k 240fps 2/10"

so 5/5 stars for doing that binary code

controls were ok
ending was pretty bad
overall 2 spoopy 4 me

ninjamuffin99 responds:

ill make a better sequel to this eventually with ur review in mind. one of these days

i...didn't really get it but i liked it as a game i liked the art and i liked the spoopy atmosphere.
keep up the good work

gonna need my waifu body pillow to sleep tonight :( this was scary

It's cute, like see FNAF in NES before the boom of Mario.