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Fly around and collect power ups, while shooting down enemy ships. I understand the game is not perfect. I am working on making fixes based on your helpful advice. All sounds come from the bfxr sound mixer. Newly fixed!

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First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for having the confidence to put your work up for public commentary. (The fact that I chose to lead with that should be a hint to buckle up for a scathing review.)

This game would not even be a decent in-house alpha. Making the arrow keys act as acceleration is counter-intuitive, the max speed if any is altogether too high, and it is entirely possible to go offscreen. It also appears that to reverse direction, I first need to decelerate.

Two things I expect from a game labeled as "bullet hell" are that the main character has a one-pixel hitbox (and the bullets have a large hitbox), and that the bullet patterns are visually interesting, both of which this game lacked.

The graphics were quite adequate, except for two details. Those blue bubbles aren't even circular, and the square bullets are off-putting. The single sound effect you used is somewhat irritating.

Taizer responds:

Thank you for the review Hertzyscowicz! I will change the arrows to be speeds instead of acceleration. I wanted to experiment with procedural generation in a bullet hell, hence the ugly patterns. I will adjust the hitbox for the player. You are allowed to go off screen. It loops. There is an issue that occurs very rarely where you die offscreeen. This was a known shipable and I am currently working on fixing this. Thank you for the helpful review. It was very thorough with helpful suggestions!

Controls suck ass. Other than that, it's okay.

Taizer responds:

I can very easily change controls. Is there anything in particular that you would like?

Where should I start?

- The Screen size is to big for this site
- In the Mainmenu the Arrow has an offset (doesn't point to the option you want to choose)
- You don't write how to controll this game, thought i have to use the mouse, pss you have not
- The game lags like hell...
- If you want to move back and left or right, you move much faster as if you only press back or right or left
- The Highscore Text goes into the Text Highscore if you got more then 1000 score
- Your ship can go out of the Game-Canvas

So enough for this, try to polish you game more before posting it online :)

Taizer responds:

Thanks for the feedback MrUnecht. I explain how to play the game in the tutorial. Which is gotten to in any common method you like. But the rest of the feedback is very helpful. What are you playing this game on? Using my six year old hp laptop it plays fine. This is likely an internal issue that I will look into within the game-to-site relation.

- Sound is way too high
- gameplay needs improvement
- Is there any objective or just get a highscore?

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2.66 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2016
10:55 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight