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Help Pierret to survive the Dungeon
Try to score as many points as possible!

How to Play:
-- Press Space to let Pierret Fly
-- Try to avoid the Spikes


Very smooth controls good job :)

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MrUnecht responds:

Thanks a lot :)

This is just an ugly version of flappy birds.

MrUnecht responds:

Was one of my first trys to make game :D

flappy bird twitter version

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When will we, as a society, move past Flappy Bird?

MrUnecht responds:

Don't know, this was one of my first games I've ever made :S and yeah at the beginning you start remaking games :D But I understand your voting :D

not bad! i played it for longer than i play most games under judgement. couldn't score past 3 though... i suck.

less abysmal of a back ground, i mean the music was super happy go lucky, the bird was calm cool and collected at all times, and it looks like we are in a rusted hell dimension in doom or quake. I say either change the bird to be all sketched out and tweaky and make the music more frantic and fast OR make the backround more natural and the spikes could be like some de-forestation machine or something.

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MrUnecht responds:

Thanks, will try to change it to make it better :)

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Credits & Info

2.51 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2016
5:36 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid