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2016 Halloween: Escape From Coolay's Room

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Ending 2 25 Points

Complete the ending 2

Ending 1 100 Points

Complete the ending 1

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Frank helps Coolay arrange his room, but Helen changed the setting, so Coolay is trapped in the room.
Help Coolay get out of the room by solving puzzles.

The walkthrough:


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the puzzles are beyond troublesome.

you inspire me with the art you make. this is the kind of simple art I really like in a game, like in Detarou and Daymare Town. What do you use to make these with?

Shuinvy responds:

Thanks for admiring :)
I try to draw my own style comics and game style pictures( I have been influenced in Japanese comic style so long), though still some people don't like my style though :P
I'm so glad you like it :D
I use Flash CS4 to coding and Photoshop CS3 to painting.
For my steps of making games,
First, the style, it depends on determining it's a series or not, because it's a (Halloween) series, I will choose characters I want to play their role in the game first.
Second, the story, not really there is a story in a game, if there is, there are many ways to display the plot( I use RPG story one)
Third, the puzzles, it will influence the background pictures( game scenes), because you should set the puzzles in a good place and it may lead to another place.
Mostly the puzzles are same ideas as the games I have played, I may put some ( maybe 1 per games) special puzzles that I create for inspiration( but that one may more difficult)
After above three steps, I can start to draw pictures in Photoshop.
I will draw the concept(sketch) in note book or paper in hand, then take a photo and upload to my Email, then use the concept in the Photoshop and paint it in complete pictures.
When I almost finish the pictures of characters and backgrounds( except ending scene and menu scene one), I start coding in Flash :P
I also have a checklist for every game, so I can check the function of the puzzles.
A game may at least 10 lists, you can 'v' in the list after you finish the function, and it will let you feel more relax because you are more possible to finish the game ;)
After the function looks okay, I will let my friends test my game.
They will tell me the difficulty and give me suggestion, I also make a google form to ask them question :)
Thanks for your playing and supporting :)
And wish you a happy new year!
(I'm Taiwanese, we have Chinese New Year after 1 week XD)

I'm playing this and I dont get what it means by even part and odd part

Shuinvy responds:

You should looks the hint in Fantastic Room, and it will show you the hint of even part or odd part by underline the even part or odd part.
Then use the hint in your Morse code to let your four letters become half length long( by only use even part or odd part).

is hard ... :o

Shuinvy responds:

I know, you can watch the walkthrough for detail introduction.

Nice game.. even if I didn't finish it.. I still don't get the computer clue.. I watched walkthrough but it don't make any sense for me.. Can You explain it to me, please?

Shuinvy responds:

The 26 alphabet can change into their own number by count their 'hole'
Exactly, A=1, B=2, D=1, O=1, P=1, Q=1, R=1, other letters mean 0.
That's the reason why the 12 shapes hint only range from 0 to 2 :)

Hope it can help you finish the game :D