Samhain Fever!

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Author Comments

Update #1
I deeply thank you all for giving me feedback both thru PM and reviews. I have fixed the following bugs as suggested:
- The 3rd boss might appear outside the scope of stage
- the vacuum power of the 4th boss was too strong
- Player got struck inside platforms when the 5th boss shook the wall.

Some players reported that the control was little bit difficult. Actually, It was intentionally made so because I wanted the gameplay resemble the one from the old Bubble Bobble game.

See the game's postmortem analysis here:

Your opinions are still welcomed for my future games. Cheers!

Happy Halloween Day 2016, everyone! It is my honor to present you my tribute for the spooktacular day: Samhain Fever! Are you ready to be spook'ed? Better still your mind!

Samhain Fever is an oldskool arcade game where you collect key items while avoiding several horrible ghosts. Achieve scores as high as possible and show the world who is the boss!

Arrow Keys - Navigate/Move
S - Choose/Jump
A - Return (in menus)

Enjoy! Any feedback, praise, and criticism are all welcomed and appreciated! Cheers!

Enjoyed and inspired by the tracks? Find more at:

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ghost fever

nice game really very :) work great

SAMHAIN FOREVER! Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyways, really fun game.

This is pretty sweet. I find it to be pretty unique and creative. The old-school style is great, and if this were back the Atari 2600 days, it would probably be a good game thanks to the variation in enemies and levels. The enemies themselves are pretty fun. Each each its own music, which furthers their individual personalities. The descriptions when you catch them helps a lot too. I appreciate the medals, and that the enemies get tougher as you encounter them multiple times. I made the game tougher on myself at first, as I didn't realize that you can jump through surfaces to land on top. I was trying to obey the laws of physics, jumping around things and squeezing through small spots. The game is challenging, but not frustrating once you figure out the mechanics.

Still, it would have been cool if there were more than just 5 enemies. Seeing who came next was part of what drove me through the first 5 levels. The game is really a survival challenge, and the leaderboard aids this. I do wish it were a little easier to get extra lives. How many levels are in the game, or does it recycle when you finish the last one?

The only real problem here is in the control. The character moves a little too slow, making the gameplay feel sluggish. I'd tweak this a tiny bit, just not enough to make the character too loose. That's even worse. Also, there's a glitch where the priest's feet can get stuck inside the platforms. This can be sovled by jumping out, but when you're in tight situation... say, tying to dodge the werewolf's falling debris... it can mean disaster.

Other than that, great work!

Harlemblack responds:

Thank you for your throughout review. I drew a lot of insights from it, thanks again :). Yeah I did my best to make the game as oldschool as possible.
You will receive a life every time you catch the 5th ghost. Due to the limited development time, there are only 5 ghosts, but the ghosts get nastier every time the game recycles.
About the control, I made them so because the game was inspired by the old Bubble Bobble game. But yeah I could use better control for my future games. Cheers!

The controls feel a little tight. I like the concept, it's a bit like Pac-Man in the need to avoid the ghosts and fruit gives you a bonus. It's a little challenging with the jump button being a bit tight, but overall it's not a bad game.

Harlemblack responds:

Thank you for your feedback. Very much appreciated :)

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2016
5:43 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other