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Angel Wing: Adrift

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I hope it is alright to upload this. I don't see many live-action movies on NewGrounds. This movie is live-action, but highly stylized and animation heavy. It also contains promotion of some of my old books and website, but in an entertaining, kinda parody sense. So if it is not allowed, please let me know.
It is the story of a lost delivery clone in the far future, who has strayed off course and gone insane in the vast depths of empty space.

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I really liked this. The story was interesting, the special effects heavy but suitable to the story line and the overall feel of the film was entertaining. It's the kind of thing I'd like to see a sequel.

JarrodElvin responds:

It's funny (or maybe not) but I had written an in-depth sequel/continuation of this story. Even had a much bigger and better set made up ready. Alas, it never came to be.
Maybe one day.

i like the custom dude

JarrodElvin responds:

The costume? Thank you very much!