Get Witchy

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10 Candies 5 Points

Collected 10 Candies

First Candy! 5 Points

Collected your first candy!

Spooked! 5 Points

Spooked by your first Ghosty

20 Candies 25 Points

Collected 20 Candies

30 Candies 50 Points

Collected 30 Candies

40 Candies 100 Points

collected 40 Candies

50 Candies 100 Points

Collected 50 Candies

Author Comments

Hold the MOUSE (or SPACE BAR) to dive, and release to launch up.

Avoid some ghosts and collect some candy!

Just a cute little jam game made in celebration of the season. Happy Halloween!

Downloadable here for PC + MAC: https://austineast.itch.io/get-witchy

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------ It is a ok game
{The ghost are coming too close and no no save.

Visually, this is everything I like about games. It's adorable! Every bit of it shines. The cute witch sprite, the bobbly ghosts, and little peppermint candies. The limited palette is wonderful, and not too stressful on the eyes.

The controls are both great and tedious.
On the one hand, I love their simplicity. Lunging down and floating up. You only control your movement forward.

On the other, it takes a bit of time to get the hang of and even then is frustrating.
It would be helpful if your time in the clouds came with an outline, showing where you are as you drift down. If this was to be fleshed out more, I'd recommend a tutorial showing where you'd fall to help people with the idea.

But for a one off game jam design? This is really delightful, artistically compelling, and an addicting experience to try and beat your own high score. It'll charm the pants right off ya.

austineast responds:

Thanks for the review :D Im glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate the critique!

A very unique game, and also quite hard due to the bizarre controls.

You're moving left, and then down while you're not pressing anything.
If you press and hold left mouse button, you're moving down-right rapidly.
If you release the left mouse button after having pressed it, you're moving up and right briefly.
(So you can move up and to the right quickly by rapid-clicking.)

If you go off any edge of the screen you lose (left, right, bottom, top), and if you hit any ghosts you lose.

The challenge becomes trying to keep the witch centered-ish while dodging the ghosts and picking up the collectibles as much as possible.

Simple, yet addicting. I like the game boy feeling in it. I wish getting the medals was a bit more challenging though, once you get the hang of it it's quite easy to get 50 points (my high score is 115 right now).

Fun little halloween game, I liked how you solved it with just one button for the navigation, takes a bit getting used to it, but it's cool how it gives more meaning to the release of the button as a way to get momentum.
I didn't get too far on it, though (than ~15 candies) as sometimes the only way I found to survive was to accelerate, and as I got so close to the right side of the screen, I died by touching a freshly spawned ghost a few times. It made me wish you could actually 'advance' through the stage (more like a side-scroller) instead of a static screen where you can get too close to the spawning zone; that's what comes to mind, but I may be missing a few tricks.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2016
3:29 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid