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Tactical Retreat

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Tactical Retreat is a Wave Based Survival Shooter with some basic tasks to perform between each wave.
Random events, searching for junk, repairing & upgrading your base, upgrading your gun, discovering intel & medals.

There is a story line and the creatures that attack you get tougher and bigger as it goes on so you have to upgrade or die.
Every so often you back off to reveal a new scene and possibly new enemies!

It saves your progress so you can continue at your leisure.

*Added Normal & Nightmare difficulty for those that want a challenge.
*Fixed Upgrade/Repair issue.
*Tweaked various minor things.
*Fixed accuracy issue.

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Hilarious stuff and great story in game

I really like the humor in this game: the witty way the story is told, the over-the-top monsters - and last but not least the "tactical retreat": Where every other shooter basically wants the player to march on to kill more enemies, you turn everything on its head. Yeah, i guess that's it: this game is more like a parody of a shooter (and i don't mean to say that's a bad thing).

Of course the gameplay is not perfect: the upgrade system is kind of useless (because the player does not have much choice), the visibility of the monsters is bad (that's a pity, because i think the art is really great), and some more minor things. But overall (for me at least) the humor and the parody-aspect makes this game quite good.

This game is pretty good but not too great. Still, it was fun to say the very least.

i didnt like it, however you show traces of being an inspired game maker and i think you could do much better.

#1 pumpkins seemed glitchy, some times died in one shot, some times died after 30 shots. If there was a special way to kill them i never figured it out.

#2 I LIKED the story +2 stars just for that, however the game play got SUPER repetitive so i skipped most of the story after the second retreat when my gun was maxed out just to end faster... This is why i think you can do better, it has a cool story that is not repetitive, but the game play is.

#3 jesus christ the game play was so boring. after the second retreat all it is, is mindless clicking. No threat of losing, no challenge, nothing new, dont even need to save the scientists once the gun is maxed because they are useless. The last 70% of the game was completely unbearable and i wanted to stop.

#4 the fake skill tree. I hate when game makers do that. the gun upgrades in this game is what i like to call a "fake skill tree" because really you have no choice in the matter, theres only 1 option to pick, which is to max everything out as soon as its unlocked. I was sitting on 100 extra junk ever round, so as soon as i got enough scientists for the next batch of upgrades, i just upgraded them all at once, i didnt have to decide or chose anything. Skill trees, or upgrade options, should be designed to challenge the player to pick what they think is best. When you have enough cash to instantly pick ALL upgrades as soon as they are unlocked, you might as well delete this action all together and just have it done automatically, because its the SAME result either way.

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks or the Brutally honest critique. I have never created an skill/upgrade system before and being primarily an artist my game design/coding skills obviously weren't up to it. I will take on board your comments for my future games.

nice graphics and gunplay

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2016
6:31 AM EDT