Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo

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If you're having trouble running this demo, or you'd like to try an improved version of the game, please try out the downloadable version at https://gamejolt.com/games/FutureFragments/332701!

It has improved visual effects, improved music mechanics, and no loading time whatsoever, as well as numerous other small fixes and improvements.

Also, for those who don't like the cutscenes; In the full game, all cutscenes, besides important main story ones, will only occur if you press Up while standing near NPCs. The opening tutorial (which won't be in the full game) is skippable in this demo too.

That said, this game is equally story and action based both, and while we're doing our best to cater to both worlds and we know there's room for improvement, this game won't be for everyone and that's okay :)


Hey there!

This is an updated demo of our game, Future Fragments, a platforming/RPG/run 'n' gun hybrid game with a Science Fiction/Mystery theme.

There's 5 levels in the full game, and this demo features the 3rd level, the "Gratification Factory", otherwise known as the Electric Level.

If you're wondering what the backstory is, check out the opening cinematic before playing!

Also, if you liked this demo, please consider supporting us at http://www.patreon.com/FutureFragments.

We depend on your support to fund these games, so that we can work on them full time!
Your support means we can add even more things to the game as well!


ORIGINAL CONTROLS (press ESC to reconfigure)

Left/Right - Move left/right
Up - Read databanks, flip switches (you can also hit them with your shots to flip them, too)
Down - Duck, look down/scroll screen down
X - Shoot magic, hold to charge, advance text, cancel selections in menu screens
Z - Jump, confirm selections in menu screens
C - Use your "Utility Ability" that's currently selected
A/S - Switch between elemental abilities/utility abilities
H - Stun/damage yourself (for H-scenes)
ESC - Access video/sound/gameplay options, as well as your powerups and the mega-map



You can pre-purchase the full game at a 50% discount by pledging $10 over the course of the Patreon campaign at http://www.patreon.com/FutureFragments!

The activity feed on Patreon is also accessible by pledging just $1 per month as well, and that counts towards the $10 total too.







TriangulatePixels - Artwork, Animation & Game Design
FrougeDev - Programming & Game Design
HentaiWriter - Story, Level Design, Public Relations, Directing & Game Design
Fuyarinpa - Music
Lewd. K - SFX

SilkyMilk - Talia
Monakoko - Faye
Marcu Mort Ionescu - Seeber

Diana Lockhart
P.M. Seymour
Chad Dumptruck
Ivan E. Recshun
Steve Hamm
Larry Bundy Jr.
Rochester Bat
Lance Hall
James Masterson



PROBLEM: The game doesn't start up for me or the loading hangs. (The downloadable version has no loading issues.)
SOLUTION #1: Go to https://get.webgl.org and follow the instructions to get it working. Also, make sure to enable Unity Player by picking to "allow" it if it asks, at the top of your browser.
SOLUTION #2: Clear your cache/refresh the page; sometimes cached files can impede loading

PROBLEM: Sound doesn't play.
SOLUTION: Make sure to press the ESC key and check in the options menu for sound being on.
Additionally, if you're on Opera, Safari, or Internet Explorer, sound will not play.

PROBLEM: I don't like the control scheme.
SOLUTION: You can press ESC at any time to remap the controls to a controller or anything else on your keyboard.

PROBLEM: My gamepad isn't working properly.
SOLUTION: Right now we primarily only support Microsoft/Xbox based gamepads, other gamepads may have issues. Also, make sure there are no other controllers active in your Device Manager, as those can cause issues too.

PROBLEM: I don't know what to do in the game.
SOLUTION: Your goal is to reach the end of each of the 6 paths, and then hack the "Milk Chambers" at the end of them by defeating all the enemies at the end room of each path and then walking to said Milk Chamber. Once you've done that, you'll be able to fight the boss.

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Man that's so savage sending you back to the main menu for messing around with the pit. I applaud you guys for putting in that effort and not just having it loop infinitely. On a related side note I may have a problem with pits and authority figures who tell me not to jump into them.

I came for the H-scenes,
now I came and there's no coming back.

Loved the story btw.

Wow this is phenomenal work, plays well and is pretty fun as a game in its own right. Voice acting is pretty good and the amount of scenes just in the demo is good.

I think this is a high enough quality game that I'll look at supporting the patreon.

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks a lot for the kind words, review and rating! Definitely join the Backer Discord if you end up supporting us, and if not, no worries! :)

Its been so long since the las t time a saw something about this game, i just rediscovered and i gotta say im amazed by how much everything changed.
i love the voice acting, there is so much energy in their voices and the music is on point too.
the new mechanics are crazy, the story is quite interesting, fuck if a had money i would throw it at you and buy the game.
but even if i cant pay it im happy that this game progressed this much, congratulations you are doing an amazing job.

hentaiwriter responds:

Glad to hear you're enjoying all the updates; we're going to try to make as big of a jump as there was between the Fire Demo to the Electric Demo, for the jump between the Electric Demo to the full game :D

If you can't afford to pledge to us, no worries; we're just happy you're enjoying the game! Thanks for the review, rating, and praise :)

When will level 4 be open to play?

hentaiwriter responds:

The Electric Level here is the last time we'll have a public demo out until the game's fully completed; at that point, we'll put out the complete, polished Fire Level as a public demo for everyone to try.

You can get other levels on the Patreon (we're just about to finish the 4th level and move onto the final, 5th level), or if you're hurting financially or in a place that doesn't allow you to pledge to Patreon, you're free to pirate builds as well; we won't judge you :P