Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo

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If you're having trouble running this demo, or you'd like to try an improved version of the game, please try out the downloadable version at https://gamejolt.com/games/FutureFragments/332701!

It has improved visual effects, improved music mechanics, and no loading time whatsoever, as well as numerous other small fixes and improvements.

Also, for those who don't like the cutscenes; In the full game, all cutscenes, besides important main story ones, will only occur if you press Up while standing near NPCs. The opening tutorial (which won't be in the full game) is skippable in this demo too.

That said, this game is equally story and action based both, and while we're doing our best to cater to both worlds and we know there's room for improvement, this game won't be for everyone and that's okay :)


Hey there!

This is an updated demo of our game, Future Fragments, a platforming/RPG/run 'n' gun hybrid game with a Science Fiction/Mystery theme.

There's 5 levels in the full game, and this demo features the 3rd level, the "Gratification Factory", otherwise known as the Electric Level.

If you're wondering what the backstory is, check out the opening cinematic before playing!

Also, if you liked this demo, please consider supporting us at http://www.patreon.com/FutureFragments.

We depend on your support to fund these games, so that we can work on them full time!
Your support means we can add even more things to the game as well!


ORIGINAL CONTROLS (press ESC to reconfigure)

Left/Right - Move left/right
Up - Read databanks, flip switches (you can also hit them with your shots to flip them, too)
Down - Duck, look down/scroll screen down
X - Shoot magic, hold to charge, advance text, cancel selections in menu screens
Z - Jump, confirm selections in menu screens
C - Use your "Utility Ability" that's currently selected
A/S - Switch between elemental abilities/utility abilities
H - Stun/damage yourself (for H-scenes)
ESC - Access video/sound/gameplay options, as well as your powerups and the mega-map



You can pre-purchase the full game at a 50% discount by pledging $10 over the course of the Patreon campaign at http://www.patreon.com/FutureFragments!

The activity feed on Patreon is also accessible by pledging just $1 per month as well, and that counts towards the $10 total too.







TriangulatePixels - Artwork, Animation & Game Design
FrougeDev - Programming & Game Design
HentaiWriter - Story, Level Design, Public Relations, Directing & Game Design
Fuyarinpa - Music
Lewd. K - SFX

SilkyMilk - Talia
Monakoko - Faye
Marcu Mort Ionescu - Seeber

Diana Lockhart
P.M. Seymour
Chad Dumptruck
Ivan E. Recshun
Steve Hamm
Larry Bundy Jr.
Rochester Bat
Lance Hall
James Masterson



PROBLEM: The game doesn't start up for me or the loading hangs. (The downloadable version has no loading issues.)
SOLUTION #1: Go to https://get.webgl.org and follow the instructions to get it working. Also, make sure to enable Unity Player by picking to "allow" it if it asks, at the top of your browser.
SOLUTION #2: Clear your cache/refresh the page; sometimes cached files can impede loading

PROBLEM: Sound doesn't play.
SOLUTION: Make sure to press the ESC key and check in the options menu for sound being on.
Additionally, if you're on Opera, Safari, or Internet Explorer, sound will not play.

PROBLEM: I don't like the control scheme.
SOLUTION: You can press ESC at any time to remap the controls to a controller or anything else on your keyboard.

PROBLEM: My gamepad isn't working properly.
SOLUTION: Right now we primarily only support Microsoft/Xbox based gamepads, other gamepads may have issues. Also, make sure there are no other controllers active in your Device Manager, as those can cause issues too.

PROBLEM: I don't know what to do in the game.
SOLUTION: Your goal is to reach the end of each of the 6 paths, and then hack the "Milk Chambers" at the end of them by defeating all the enemies at the end room of each path and then walking to said Milk Chamber. Once you've done that, you'll be able to fight the boss.


I keep freezing at the start when I think I am supposed to se dialog.

hentaiwriter responds:

If you're having issues with the game freezing, try out the downloadable version; your browser might also be incompatible with the build (make sure to use Chrome or Firefox!)

I honestly had no real expectations going into this game. In fact, I usually hate porn games cause I typically just want to wank and move on but the game won't let me because I have to go through a bunch of tedious bullshit just to get to the disappointing lame-ass sex scenes.
But this- this is different. This is a porn game that I can actually play for the game. The occasional bit of porn is just a fun little cherry on top.

BAM! Right out the gate you hit me with these beautiful high-res sprites and it's all just pretty as hell.

BAM! Full voice cast (a competent one too). And I mean FULL. Every word and line has a voice to match, which is, like, woah. I mean holy shit.

BAM! A big sprawling plot that has just enough silliness for porn but with actual depth and tons of bits and pieces throughout that makes you want to know what happens next. The characters are each unique and charming even the bit characters manage to add something of their own.

BAM! Fucking A+ level designs. The stages are so fun to traverse backtracking is pretty much never a problem because you can almost look forward to reconquering an area.
The boss level of this demo was the real stand out for me in that regard.

As far as issues go I would say that the gameplay animations aren't as smooth as I would have liked. I almost hate to say it knowing how difficult animating a bunch of sprites is but considering quality of the sprites themselves and the animation there seems to be a gap.

There was a bit of a bug when I did the "crawling into the vent" scene while standing on the ceiling and I couldn't see the results.

And finally, the game play could stand to be a little more fast paced. It has the elements of a platform shooter (metroidvania) but everything from the shooting to the jumping feels a little slow and that makes the enemies a bit more of a pain in the ass than they need to be. Not that they were too hard but rather an annoying obstacle. I had the thought that the enemies would be much more complementary to the level if the game played something like Megaman.

Overall this game just bleeds care and loving craft from every nook and cranny. When the full version is out you've got yourself a buyer.

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Love the game so far! I think you should add the computer and the cg scenes to the gallery though. I can't wait to see the full game. I hope we get to see a little more of Vie, if you know what I mean.

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hentaiwriter responds:

We definitely will be adding those to the gallery come the full game!

Vie will get some scenes, too :D thanks for the review and rating!

Ok there’s a lot to compliment on this one. So, I’m going to stick with the few things that actually don’t work for me. The smexy stuff is at odds with the game play. You gota loose to get the no clothes scenes and that’s frustrating. Never understood fappish games that are structured that way. Other thing is, even on a 65mps connection it still laggs enough to make platforming a frustrating pain in the ass. Another thing I never understood. On line platformers. It just doesn’t work very well. Your exe might have fixed that issue but it keeps giving me a “cabinet is not valid” error when I try to run it in wine (on linux. yes I know, don't say it). Says it's corrupted. Played on line for a bit. Got half the keys before I just gave up. Add more kinds of enemies, fix those issues and this would get 6 stars for me. Like I said, a lot to compliment but a few unfortunate problems that killed the fun for me.

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hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks for the review and rating!

So for the no clothes stuff, you can actually see all the animations in a level by beating it in the title screen gallery; additionally, in the full game, you'll be able to re-watch cutscenes and databanks there as well.

There's also a number of sex scenes that you can only get by winning or doing well, and a number of them that will just show throughout the level regardless of your performance as well.

The lag is primarily from your computer more than likely, as the number of files in the cache when this is running is fairly large; unfortunately, as you're on Linux, some computers can't emulate it successfully with WINE, and a lot of Linux computers are unable to do so. The full version of the game though will get a legitimate Linux build, but for now unfortunately there's nothing we can do about that.

The full game also has 4 enemies for each level, and one boss for each level for a total of 20 enemies and 5 bosses; we chose to go with a smaller amount of enemies but to give them multiple attacks, so that enemies have more depth to them instead of being throwaways with only one attack each, so to speak.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the full game more! :D

Future Fragments is a metroidvania-type adult game, its game aspect being in the highlight - it has a immersive lore and multiple detailed plotlines, a plausibly absurd universe and enough seriousness to make the triple-X action more of a main aspect rather than the purpose of the game. This game is definitely more than fapping supplement, but serves as such just as well.

Based on this demo, a lot of effort has already gone into the realm, the story, the visuals, the voiceovers and the cutscenes as well - including post-mortem animations before entering the game over screens.

However, the controls feel a bit "sticky" or "heavy" at times, especially without the overused doublejump most players such as myself have become all too reliant on. If there's anything I miss, it's some more variety in enemies, or at least their skills or animations. I know there will be many more environments to explore, but the whole gameplay became pretty monotonous with only six ways to "die" on the map and few other secrets to discover. Maybe adding death animations/cutscenes for a few existing enemies could be an optimal remedy.

All in all, if anyone knows e. g. Ghost 1.0, then Future Fragments is a pretty similar experience and I can whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who wants a fair challenge with some very generous compensation for their slip-ups. ;)

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hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks for the review and rating!

For the double jump, that's actually what you'll get after beating the Electric Level (a super jump, from the ground only); part of the reason we avoided the double jump as an inherent ability though is because we wanted more freedom in powerup abilities, many of which alter your physics and give you higher jumps or less gravity or (with later powerups) allow you to hover in place or shoot yourself up in the air by firing below you while jumping.

If we had a double jump from the start with those, it would lead to us being forced to design maps that would put a cap on this stuff (lest people just clear maps in one shot like when we all played Super Mario World back in the day and used the cape to beat entire levels effortlessly), but in a game like Future Fragments where cutscene choices can affect other cutscenes and there's a tight web of flags/conditions all over the place, being able to sequence break entire areas thanks to that ability would be a nightmare to plan for. :P

Each of the 5 levels has different enemies; in total, there's 20 enemies throughout the game, and 5 different bosses, as well as 2-4 environmental obstacles or traps throughout the levels, too.

A lot of the replay value/things to discover in gameplay comes from the variety of cutscene alterations; in the demo alone, there's roughly around 150 possible variations on the existing 30 or so cutscenes, with some cutscenes getting 8+ variations. We know that's not the biggest attraction for some people, so the game isn't for everyone, of course. (The values system coming up though might well change that!)

Every level will have a different set of mechanics too, which is the other prime way we try to keep gameplay fresh.

We're glad you liked it in general, though! :D

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4.17 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2016
4:31 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle