Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo

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If you're having trouble running this demo, or you'd like to try an improved version of the game, please try out the downloadable version at https://gamejolt.com/games/FutureFragments/332701!

It has improved visual effects, improved music mechanics, and no loading time whatsoever, as well as numerous other small fixes and improvements.

Also, for those who don't like the cutscenes; In the full game, all cutscenes, besides important main story ones, will only occur if you press Up while standing near NPCs. The opening tutorial (which won't be in the full game) is skippable in this demo too.

That said, this game is equally story and action based both, and while we're doing our best to cater to both worlds and we know there's room for improvement, this game won't be for everyone and that's okay :)


Hey there!

This is an updated demo of our game, Future Fragments, a platforming/RPG/run 'n' gun hybrid game with a Science Fiction/Mystery theme.

There's 5 levels in the full game, and this demo features the 3rd level, the "Gratification Factory", otherwise known as the Electric Level.

If you're wondering what the backstory is, check out the opening cinematic before playing!

Also, if you liked this demo, please consider supporting us at http://www.patreon.com/FutureFragments.

We depend on your support to fund these games, so that we can work on them full time!
Your support means we can add even more things to the game as well!


ORIGINAL CONTROLS (press ESC to reconfigure)

Left/Right - Move left/right
Up - Read databanks, flip switches (you can also hit them with your shots to flip them, too)
Down - Duck, look down/scroll screen down
X - Shoot magic, hold to charge, advance text, cancel selections in menu screens
Z - Jump, confirm selections in menu screens
C - Use your "Utility Ability" that's currently selected
A/S - Switch between elemental abilities/utility abilities
H - Stun/damage yourself (for H-scenes)
ESC - Access video/sound/gameplay options, as well as your powerups and the mega-map



You can pre-purchase the full game at a 50% discount by pledging $10 over the course of the Patreon campaign at http://www.patreon.com/FutureFragments!

The activity feed on Patreon is also accessible by pledging just $1 per month as well, and that counts towards the $10 total too.







TriangulatePixels - Artwork, Animation & Game Design
FrougeDev - Programming & Game Design
HentaiWriter - Story, Level Design, Public Relations, Directing & Game Design
Fuyarinpa - Music
Lewd. K - SFX

SilkyMilk - Talia
Monakoko - Faye
Marcu Mort Ionescu - Seeber

Diana Lockhart
P.M. Seymour
Chad Dumptruck
Ivan E. Recshun
Steve Hamm
Larry Bundy Jr.
Rochester Bat
Lance Hall
James Masterson



PROBLEM: The game doesn't start up for me or the loading hangs. (The downloadable version has no loading issues.)
SOLUTION #1: Go to https://get.webgl.org and follow the instructions to get it working. Also, make sure to enable Unity Player by picking to "allow" it if it asks, at the top of your browser.
SOLUTION #2: Clear your cache/refresh the page; sometimes cached files can impede loading

PROBLEM: Sound doesn't play.
SOLUTION: Make sure to press the ESC key and check in the options menu for sound being on.
Additionally, if you're on Opera, Safari, or Internet Explorer, sound will not play.

PROBLEM: I don't like the control scheme.
SOLUTION: You can press ESC at any time to remap the controls to a controller or anything else on your keyboard.

PROBLEM: My gamepad isn't working properly.
SOLUTION: Right now we primarily only support Microsoft/Xbox based gamepads, other gamepads may have issues. Also, make sure there are no other controllers active in your Device Manager, as those can cause issues too.

PROBLEM: I don't know what to do in the game.
SOLUTION: Your goal is to reach the end of each of the 6 paths, and then hack the "Milk Chambers" at the end of them by defeating all the enemies at the end room of each path and then walking to said Milk Chamber. Once you've done that, you'll be able to fight the boss.

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I love this series, one of the few Patreons I am now considering. Please do the Magma level revamp SOON.

Starting with the story: Completely the opposite of what I expected tbh xD
Which is kinda neat. Was a very "huh..." moment. I expected some sci-fi or steampunk story about stuff and things.
And instead it's a semi-medieval fantasy "find the magical macguffin".

Was an interesting twist to things.
Artstyle and interface looks really nice.
VA felt really familiar, was trying to place where I'd heard them before xP
Not relevant for the review though heh. Anyhow: Fully VA'd cut-scenes... it was pretty neat. Trying to gauge if it improved the experience... and so far, I can't see any downsides at least. Seeing how it can be skipped and all that. I'd say that mulling it over, I'd say it's a plus. It helps flesh out a lot of things text only wouldn't be able to do.

I can't say if it is worth the ton of extra effort... but I can say that it definitely adds to the experience. (At least with competent VA's. And, none has sounded slapdash so far at least.
Gameplay flows pretty nice as well.
I will say: the tutorial is a bit padded. Not sure if the original game will do the same. But, it is a bit hand-holdy. And, at the same time; it seems to be making fun of this fact, so I'm not entirely sure how to feel about it.

Having had time to play for a bit; The breast jiggle on the model is a tad bit exaggerated. But, other than that, their animations are pretty smooth and overall enjoyable.
The several anime touches are pretty funny too, for those into that heh. Quite a few of them now that I played for a bit, heh. Music is nice as well.

This game is very "deceptive looks" tbh. As, there's a shitton of stuff going on under the surface. Like, way surpassing most AAA games. At least based off what you told me before, and what I've been able to see so far.
I still worry about the cost versus the outcome, but, for now at least: I do hope it will work out. I am anxious though that you aimed too high with this project. But, there's a ton I've yet to find out.

Story and fluff seems interesting enough to delve into. Skimming most of it in case I get the full game.
So far at least, it seems to take tropes and clich├ęs, and shaking them about a bit. The demo is structured pretty well. Has the classic issue of any demo of "who is this, and why should I care?" but that goes for any non-established franchise heh. Some fluff though seems a bit "too soon", but, it might not be if playing the full version.
My main eyebrow thing is the whole "milking machines", as like... unless you've given birth, you'd need hormones and shenanigans to make those even viable. Granted, super future, so that could be fixed xP Just at a core glance when they got explained, I was pretty "wut?" hehe.

Gameplay wise, it seems like a game that requires quite a bit of practice. Since, it's very easy to get hit and go down with just a few missteps. But, most games like this have a pretty steep learning curve. So, from what I can tell at least, it should be fine. One of those "you're good after an hour" games heh. Wouldn't hurt if there was a "rest" option or similar though. But, feels like that might be something you unlock later, even if that feels like a starting ability.

Anyhow, I took a look at some of the porn scenes.
I can start with saying: She doesn't climax in every scene. Which, tbh: I would find odd if she actually did xP
But; She does however have several scenes in which she does. Which is a really nice change to see. So few games have that. (Enemy design as a whole is pretty good of what I've seen)
But, yeah, there's a ton of scenes I found so far she doesn't cum in. It's either one sided, or she gets left hanging. Which, tbh: Fits in most places story wise.

Really nice job on most of the scenes btw. Very expressive.
And the squirting is a great touch. Really embracing the whole "porn" nature of it :P
Some really corny and over the top cutscenes and whatnot hehe x3 Really embracing it.
Anatomy wise, I did notice quite a few issues with the perineum. This goes for both the sprite models, and the CG gallery.

Porn scene wise, I did find a lot of "just for the sake of porn ones", but that does make sense in a porn game heh. (like the milk machine one. Did find a few example of texture clipping though. Like the "double from behind" milk machine. The background clips through her breasts for one frame in that. That whole segment seems really well scripted for gallery play though.)
Felt rather bland with her having a loli vag. But, guess it makes the most sense in a larger game, especially a sprite one.

On that note: The vag design overall in the CG scenes are just... kinda bad. Like, they're not terrible. But they look kinda budget tbh. And not in a good way, as the rest of the CG art looks nice. Whoever did the work on the CG and/or sprite art for this don't seem to have a very good grasp on the female pelvis or genitalia...
Ah well, overall: still very impressive game. Goes in several interesting directions. 0 female enemies was a bit of a let down. But, I do recall you mentioned another project that did have those, so :P

Hope that was coherent.
Did a quite late night review.

hentaiwriter responds:

Hey, thanks for the review and rating both! To respond to some of this;

- The story is effectively two stories at once; it's your story, as the protagonist, trying to save your kingdom, and the science fiction world that your effective "savior maguffin" is in.

- The VA has worked on a lot of different projects, most of the VAs come from major AAA backgrounds just going under aliases, so we're going for some high quality stuff there, haha.

- The tutorial is something only intended for this demo; in the full game, you'll learn everything organically. We only put it in here because this is effectively the third level of the game, and there's a lot of different mechanics the game has, so we put it in there to get people up to speed. It's definitely the sore spot for us in the entire demo, for sure.

- Glad you feel that way about the deception; so far, no one's even came close to guessing the actual truth about what the game's storyline is, which both makes me pretty happy but also anxious to get it out there (and also still trying to balance the hints so that people get a better idea of it), but EVERYTHING in the game has an explanation one way or the other. As far as the cost to us, we're totally fine; I want to make a really good game, no matter what the cost is to me (financially or personally)!

- The milking machine stuff, if you run into a specific cutscene with Vie when she teleports you back to the pad (talk to her in P4M2), covers why this works. The tl;dr though is that the "humans" of this time period aren't actually homo sapiens like Talia and Faye; they've augmented themselves so much over the last 1,000 years that they're now effectively a new variety of human, "homo cumulatus". This means that in women's breast milk, there's tons of little nanomachines swimming around in it, which is what the machines use to tap into and power themselves, hence the "milk fusion" stuff. It's a bit of a stretch of course, but that should explain more of why it's possible in a sci-fi way. :P

- Gameplay difficulty-wise, this is also something hard to convey with this demo because in the full game, you'd actually have over 30 powerups at this point to mix and match, making the level much easier. There are some powerups that can heal you too, of course.

- There's actually a huuuuge amount of SFX and voice lines dedicated to the sex stuff; for instance, we have a pool of moans/orgasm noises for regular animations that randomly selects a chunk of them each time an animation happens, another pool for if her mouth's sealed/filled (blowjobs, etc.), another pool for special animations (vibrators, big penetrations, etc.), and the bosses always get their own unique pool (the VA recorded multiple moans/sex noises for EVERY combination of the boss's sex machine tools, so over 150 moans/orgasms!)

- For the visuals on the CGs and in general on her design, yeah, that's definitely a stylistic choice on the artist's part, not going too much for realism :P

- Huh, we'll have to re-look at that milking machine then, we never caught that! Thanks for letting us know about that :)

- Not sure what you mean about a "loli vag" though; she's pretty clearly of age! If you mean because she's shaved, that's actually for a storyline reason believe it or not, which you'll see later on in the game.

- Yeah, there's no female enemies, but there are two other games i'm working on; http://www.patreon.com/reclaimreality and http://www.patreon.com/hentaiwriter :D

Thanks for the review! If you get the chance, you should post it to the Newgrounds reviews, haha.

Okay Y'ALL. Get this shit.

Get this shit right now. Download. Don't even read what i'm about to say, just DO IT.

So we love fap games and all and this, despite being one of the "cuter", pixel-based hgames on the site (sprites are tiny, details are mostly inferred, this is hardly porn)... the thing is... The H content in this title is mostly icing on an already densely satisfying cake. It's ACTUALLY a solid platformer FIRST, adult game second. If there were a retooling of this game for commercial release that did away with all the adult bullshit, but kept the mechanics, art, backstory, voice acting... I'd still play it. Hell, I'd buy it like i would DOOM or Bioshock or any other awesome game I love.

(This is not to say that the adult content feels contrived or forgettable - it's pivotal to the plot but the plot actually matters. It's not distracting or incongruous with the experience as a whole.)

Playing this with a controller is a must - takes me back to mario/sonic days on the GBA and I love that. It's a serious title with cheeky adult shit just tossed in for good measure. it's legit fun to play. It's simply WORTH YOUR TIME.

Highly recommend.

I love it ! I mean it lags a little and I can't figure out how to use the power-ups but other than that no complaint.. Also I am confused about room P3M1 and how to get to P3M2.. Help!

hentaiwriter responds:

Hey, glad to hear you liked the game and thanks a lot for the review!

https://hentaiwriter.tumblr.com/post/173888105349/im-stuck-in-the-electric-demo-where-there-two This link should help with P3M1 to P3M2 :)

The lag issue should be solved by playing the downloadable version as well (and if you were playing it, it should automatically adjust the graphical quality settings; if it doesn't, press ESC and you should be able to lower the lighting quality yourself, adjust parallax, shaders etc.)

dear lord this was fucking boring. Talk about a padded out beginning and lackluster writing for what is ultimately an underwhelming megaman-like that puts up way too much pretense at being more than a porn game.

hentaiwriter responds:

You can skip the beginning tutorial within the first few lines when it asks you if you want to skip, but besides that, we're sorry the game wasn't to your tastes; it's not for everyone, of course! :)