Miltonius Arts NSFW Animation Trailer

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Once every week you vote for a NSFW original or parody Quality animation you'd like me to create on my Patreon. Also get access to all my animated movies, animate comics, art and tutorials.
Your pledges help support our animation, Akumi! Thank you for helping us create the Akumi Universe through Patreon!

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I sign up on your patreon tier 3 and I'm not seeing any of these clips. Could you help a fan out?

This artstyle reminds me of someone on YouTube somehow i don't know who tho it just reminded me and animation is great

i must express my deep regret and dissatisfaction with the cretin you have become. i look at the wholesome animations you once were known for, and then i see this. I am simply disappointed. I remember whjen you were only a baby. I cared for you, and fed you and watched you grow. This is what you have bcome? disgraceful

MiltoniusArts responds:


Your characters suffer from "Same-Look-Syndrome". Aside from that, your work is incredible and fun to look at. It feels like a series I could continually watch on CN or or NT.

MiltoniusArts responds:

It is true, I do it for economy purposes. Much easier for me to pump out a lot of animations at a decent quality if the characters are more defined by their outfits and colors. A shortcut used in anime I picked up.
Glad you're enjoying my work overall! Would love to get on CN or Netflix one day :)

I still remember when Akumi materialized on the internet ages ago. It was so fucking epic. I guess the content had more edge than AE was willing to let you have? I mean, it did get pretty brutal in a lot of ways. Still, awesome.

MiltoniusArts responds:

Thank you! Yeah it was quite the controversial thing at the time. I'm back at it again though. :)