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Terrestrial Conflict

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In the future, humans are no longer fighting each other. We find a way to unite all of mankind. We declare an ambitious mission that everyone will certainly join. Conquering the universe. The game take place on Tsa Colony - Lambda Vandor in an operation called Carte Blanche.

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To be honest it's just a poor Plants vs zombies ripoff. nothing interesting. gameplay is slow as hell and boring. Sounds are annoying and music is repetitive and not very good also.

There is a bizarre delay on all UI interactions, even closing the UI or switching focus to a different unit, and actually placing or switching a unit causes a few-second animation to play, during which time you are completely disable, unable to interact with the game in any way (while the enemy units continue their assault). These control difficulties genuinely feel like something is broken, like it can't possibly be meant to be this way, and yet they also are absolutely the only source of challenge in the game, making them seem deliberate. I don't know which is the truth, either way it makes for a completely unenjoyable game.

Almost no storyline and very unpleasing gameplay/mechanics (*in other words it just doesnt play along nicely), no new concepts and or interesting additions. Not challenging in any way, as soon as you have your build ready all you have to do is wait ages before the level is over.
One star is me being generous

game nice :) really

Interesting path defense type game. Not sure but might want to make energy auto collect instead.