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Run Block Run 2

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Finnaly i have finished the game after 4 months of making it.

There are 2 seacret levels and if you want to find out how to get there you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkYqxOPiOm8

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this game is cool

Flame152 responds:

Wow.. i didn't get review on this game for years.. Thanks for the review!

The game is good, but I have a few things, that would make this game much better:

1. The interface (score, lives and time) look bland. Put them in a frame or something and if they cover too much of the screen, then make them transparent.
2. The lavels (1-9) look to similar and need more variety. Look at geometry dash as an inspiration. I haven't seen the rest of the levels.
a) Make more effects (like add some SFX and visual effects when you die, touch the door, ect.).
b) Add some effects when you are close to the green wall (make the screen red, add intense music) and show the distance between you and the wall when the wall is not seen on the screen.
c) Make "themes" for the levels like lava theme, forest theme, ect. (Just make the colors of the levels different and change the music).
4. The music is so quiet, that I thought there was no music at all.

That's all I have to say. Good luck with the next games!

Flame152 responds:

Thanks for the suggestions i have finished with devoloping this game almost a year and half ago but i could use these ideas into another game or maybe another RBR game
UPDATE: Oh yea also even if i wanted to update the game i cant because i lost the game files :/

your game list of game with medals and no medals ...

Flame152 responds:

oh yea i tried to make medals for the game and you didn't need to give 0 stars for that

um hi

Flame152 responds:

uhh thanks :D

This game deserves to be notice by more people. This game is addicting to play for those who are into arcade games. The level designs are challenging and the movement is perfect, you can also change it also! Its one of the best game to be created by just ONE person. Overall., 4.5 stars.

Flame152 responds:

Thanks a lot :)