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10 Rows 5 Points

Get 10 rows in Solo Mode.

Friends 5 Points

Play KeyCountDown with a friend!

Graduate 5 Points

Learn how to play KeyCountDown

Secrets! 5 Points

Find a secret in KeyCountDown!

25 Rows 10 Points

Get 25 rows in Solo Mode.

50 Rows! 25 Points

Get 50 rows in Solo Mode!

100 Rows! 50 Points

Get 100 rows in Solo Mode!

75 Rows! 50 Points

Get 75 rows in Solo Mode!

250 Rows!!! 100 Points

250? WHAT?

500 ROWS? 100 Points

But, HOW?!

A THOUSAND ROWS!? 100 Points


Author Comments

KeyCountDown is a little reflex/skill game. You get a row of blocks with numbers, that you must count down to X by pressing keys on your keyboard.

Solo Mode: It's the main gamemode, with three blocks and keys. Try to make as many rows as possible before your time runs out.

Multi Mode: You can play with a friend, too! Try to make more rows than them in less than 60 seconds.

Double Mode: It's like the Solo Mode, but you play with 6 blocks and keys.
Z, X, C (or 1, 2, 3): Solo, Left side, and Menu blocks.
I, O, P (or 8, 9, 0): Right side blocks. (Multi and Double)
Your high scores in Solo Mode and Double Mode are uploaded to scoreboards, check them out at "Scores" from the main menu.

Update 1: New medals added for 250, 500, and 1000 rows

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This is a nice little, but addicting, game.

I don't see myself playing this game for prolonged periods of time, but it is something I could go back to from time to time when I'm bored.

Your game would make a great mobile game, and I suggest you think about porting it and uploading it to the Google Play Store.

Overall, great job and keep up the good work.

tirsod2000 responds:

I was working on a mobile version, actually. But I still have to finish it and get it on the Play Store.

nice and simple game, but my head starts tu hurt.

something about this is addicting

Was going so incredibly good until I reached 273 and ARG, clicked one key wrong! Really gets fast quickly, and keeps you on your toes. I really like the idea, and how after a while you seem to get a knack for running through the keys not just one letter at a time, but in a sequence, pausing half a second to see the pattern and take just those next - as long as you can stay focused it's easy, but the lack of room for error (no extra lives, or upgrades) makes it a real challenge too. Creative simple concept, and a real addicting game.


Simple but awesome game! Very entertaining and addicting as well. Tons of reflexes required ;-) I only found the medals pop-up a bit disturbing during the gameplay. I would also wish that I could redefine the keys and use more comfortable keys for my right hand, for example it would be good if the game would allow the 1, 2, 3 keys from the num-pad.

tirsod2000 responds:

Thanks a lot! I will see what I can do :)