Seikkailu Demo/Concept (Fero Edition)

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Final work I did for my university's Flash/Animate course.

12fps, original resolution is 1080p, resized to 900p for NG.

Everything is done/drawn/produced by me OR public domain material (map, explosion and battle music) except the Paddy Kingsfield songs. Rights belong to their rightful owners, this is a non-commercial project.

This is more of a concept/test/demo than anything else.
I've never done anything like this so this was a learning process.

Idea was to make black humor flavored interactive animation, which relies more on graphics than the actual code/game elements. Instead of making multiple encounters and paths, I managed to do 1 encounter with 1 path without losing my sanity.

Huge respects for those who make flashes, this took a lot of time and effort, even if it's really small.

Dialogue is in finnish, no plans for english release, sorry.

This NG post is mostly for my followers at Tumblr and Twitter.
If you find this thru NG, hello! I hope you enjoy this.


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Decent Demo with nice graphics, could use some more content, but besides that it's a good start.
"what doesn't kill you, fucks you." Best Quote for a game ever.

Spurdo Spärde :DDD
oispa ES :DDD
Benis! :DDD
Honestly, tho, I don't understand it at all. Is this normal?
Seems like it's supposed to be measured by feels rather than anything more tangible.
Looks nice, sounds nice, ye.

LOL, i like this game, and i will be waiting for the finished version of it, plus is there gonna be a eng sub or eng ver. of it?

F-Ero responds:

Hello DevilLord!

If you read the description, I'm not going to finish this game, sorry.

No plans for eng. sub for this either, unless some ungodly day I get bored and want to sub it.

I like that kind of stuff. Engl. vers. would be nice

F-Ero responds:

Hello Gill o/

The only option for english release would be to make english subtitles for the whole thing and implement them to the flash itself.

It can be done, but for now, I'd rather focus on other things because I'm really fed up with this project xD

I'm glad to hear you like it tho. Thanks!

Great art and animation ! Didn't understand a single word, but that's a good job !!

F-Ero responds:

Haha, thank you for the kind words!

Yeah, hearing other language has it's own charm to it.

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2.99 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2016
11:02 AM EDT
Adventure - Other