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Pussymon: Episode 17

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Author Comments

What's up guys, here's the Pussymon Episode 17, I think that now this is the biggest update I made so far, there's lots of new things, animations, story and more. How is focused in the Myth of Hydragodon this episode is also a Special one. In this update instead of hunt you will need to tame the Pussymon by defeating they in some new mini-games (I made the games easy for now, let me know it's too easy so I can make them hard in the full version) also I'm bringing 7 new Pussymon with 3 scenes to each one, 5 possible ends (two of them reveal 2 upcoming Master Forms), and in this update there's also something that many people was asking and waiting for, the battle of Lizardish and Lepllanny (In the Pussymon way, of course).

New Additions:
- 07 New Pussymon and a new character (DARA)
- 23 new animations (Among variations, story scenes and interactions)
- New System of choices
- 5 possible ends (2 of them revealing 2 upcoming Master Forms)
- The Waited "Battle" between Lizardish and Lepllanny.
- Bigger story with new revelations.

Thanks for everyone who's supporting me in this big project, there's more to come next month.
Let me know if you find some error or bug.

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Loved the tests for each Legendary and also the multiple Endings! Though, I'm still mad Samara stole our Pussymons TWICE!

fire and wind are pain in the ass

but from now on take these stars

ending 1 one heart to Lizardish one heart to Lepllanny and one heart to Valentina then click all at the end
ending 2 do anything else
ending 3 pick Lizardish
ending 4 pick Lepllanny
ending 5 pick Valentina
Metal Legendary
cheese it by holding right-click
Thunder Legendary
bottom right
bottom left
Water Legendary
Wind Legendary and Fire Legendary
Earth Legendary
Neutral Legendary
D - Dark
B - Beast
E - No one knows