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Happy Birthday Cheru!

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A short animation for my Edgelord-loving friend, Cheru!
;u; I hope your birthday was fantastic!

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That was cute

So this was pretty cute and I thaught the character was adorble and we'll drawn I hope your friend liked this as much as you did creating it you have some nice talent and it is showcased in the art and even animation lots of details in this piece I think all you need is some extra effects and such and make it jump out at you a little more and nice job all around I enjoyed it

Some added effects can go a long way



Well that was... a kinda cute Happy Birthday animation! XD The element of surprise.


This is still one of the best gifts I have ever received. Thank you guys so much! You drew me so freaking cute and then the dang ol Reapy pops outta the cake and I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT! Your animations make me smile. Thank you Ed and Nat for making my birthday freaking fantastic. ; v; <3

Yeah, it's hard to like something so short. It doesn't seem that appropriate for the website. Still, this wasn't bad. The animation was quite good. You are a very talented artist. I'm glad you're celebrating your friend's birthday.

It's your friend, right? Cake is always awesome. I like how unpredictable it is. Well, there wasn't that much time for things to happen. I appreciate the sincerity.