Quarrel Hill

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Eat 100 People 5 Points

Eat total of 100 people

Finish Game on Easy 5 Points

Finish game on difficulty level "what is mouse"

Push 200 People 5 Points

Push total of 200 people off the cliff

Eat 200 People 10 Points

Eat total of 200 people

Push 500 People 10 Points

Push total of 500 people off the cliff

Eat 500 People 25 Points

Eat total of 500 people

Finish Game on Normal 25 Points

Finish game on difficulty level "I can doubleclick"

Push 1000 People 25 Points

Push total of 1000 people off the cliff

Finish Game on Hard 50 Points

Finish game on difficulty level "I use autoclicker"

Author Comments

It is that time of year when people go to Quarrel Hill and exchange insults with an ogre. Many will perish, but the Great mocking tradition will be honored!

Click to push!
Hit pause to see a happy hill!

Made in 10 days for #StencylGameJam using #Stencyl
(Start screen, scoreboard and medals added after contest)


It's an original take on the incremental genre but needs more content.

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Domo76 responds:

Good point! Hope to make a second game better. Thanks for rating and review!

I like the idea: It manages to be both fresh and amusing. However, the game itself could use some improvements. As Guthrie mentioned, the audio gets repetitive. Likewise, the insults start getting repeated a lot as well if you try to get all the medals, so you could expand upon the pool for those as well. Also, few of the insults don't really make sense in context. Calling an ogre tall("How's the weather up there?") or big("You're the reason they invented doubledoors") hardly seems insulting.

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Domo76 responds:

Hey, thanks for the rating and review! I agree with everything you pointed out! I will consider to improve that later on.

I hit the Pause button!

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Domo76 responds:

I just wanted at least someone to see the pause screen ;-)

This is an interesting take on the tired Clicker genre. I liked the upgrade options, some more would be nice though.

The main thing I didn't like was the audio. The music being a three second loop is really annoying, and overall the sound effects were really off-putting. Try looking through the Audio Portal for some more fitting music that isn't so repetitive.

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Domo76 responds:

Thanks for the review! Good idea about music, I will probably replace it.

I liked a lot of this game, have medas and is very hard to play

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Domo76 responds:

Thank you for the review! I am glad you liked it!

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Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2016
8:49 PM EDT
Action - Other