Quarrel Hill

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Eat 100 People 5 Points

Eat total of 100 people

Finish Game on Easy 5 Points

Finish game on difficulty level "what is mouse"

Push 200 People 5 Points

Push total of 200 people off the cliff

Eat 200 People 10 Points

Eat total of 200 people

Push 500 People 10 Points

Push total of 500 people off the cliff

Eat 500 People 25 Points

Eat total of 500 people

Finish Game on Normal 25 Points

Finish game on difficulty level "I can doubleclick"

Push 1000 People 25 Points

Push total of 1000 people off the cliff

Finish Game on Hard 50 Points

Finish game on difficulty level "I use autoclicker"

Author Comments

It is that time of year when people go to Quarrel Hill and exchange insults with an ogre. Many will perish, but the Great mocking tradition will be honored!

Click to push!
Hit pause to see a happy hill!

Made in 10 days for #StencylGameJam using #Stencyl
(Start screen, scoreboard and medals added after contest)


fun and made me hungry

Domo76 responds:

Haha thanks!

This is a great game for being developed in 10 days! I really want to see a a full fledged tower defense type game with this art style. Keep up the good work.

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Domo76 responds:

Thanks, decafpanda! I will do my best in the sequel.

Honestly, I didn't expect much from this game at first. There isn't much to it, but it was surprisingly fun! I like the concept and some of the things that the people would say were kind of funny. The music is good and I don't mind the graphics.

A couple of things that could've been better are the medals and the smoke at the bottom of the game screen. With the smoke, the only reason I'm bringing that up is because it makes the last upgrade on the screen kind of hard to see. At first I didn't even notice there was an upgrade for hunger.

Then for the medals, the one that requires you to eat 500 people and the one that requires you to push 1000 people off of the cliff are a bit much. I really had to work to get those medals, which isn't always a bad thing, but when it comes to clicker type games it can really wear out a person's arm. Those two medals really tired my arm out, so I would know, haha.

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Domo76 responds:

Thanks!! I am actually preparing to create a sequel and will take your comments seriously. Glad you liked it in spite those mistakes I made as beginner!

For fuck's sake,man! The hard mode was a bitch!

Domo76 responds:

Yes.. A bit too hard, will be easier in the sequel. I will try to learn from my mistakes. Glad you pushed trough anyways!!

I was really impressed at how enjoyable this game was! It got so addictive after awhile. It's mostly because I'm fairly good at it. You just have to keep on clicking over and over. Any fast typist like me can do that! It does make me wonder how people get the last medal. I guess they're just more talented than me.

I admit that the animation isn't that good. I don't care, because it's so much fun! The sounds are great too. Yeah, I'm biased because of the medals. It should still be fun for most people.

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Domo76 responds:

Oh, thank you so much for your honest review and excellent game rating! I hope to do the next game better and I am thankful you did not go too harsh with the rating even though game has some weak spots that you correctly pointed out.

The game keeps score on how many people you pushed, so you can just keep on playing and you'll get more than 1,000 pushed. If you mean the "finish game on hard" medal, then I suggest to play on a laptop and keep pressing with both hands - one on your mouse, and the other on touchpad button. Then it is easy. Thanks again for playing!!

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Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2016
8:49 PM EDT
Action - Other