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Author Comments

sitting idle in the home these days, so i thought to create something with participation of inanimate objects that has some meaning.This is a stop motion movie short clip made by me.Well I have to admit that i have put a lot of interest in it as i am totally disinterested in many things these days.A large part of it's shooting,i was helped by mom to capture it , that's why you can see my potbelly in some portions of the clip.I just hope you ll like it.
Direction storyboard and music- me
Shooting- me

Software used- Photoshop, ImotionHD, Flash

Music credits

*Teddy is a character of the Avon (Beauty products company)
*Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu are characters of Pokemon, GameFreak And Nintendo
*Rhinos are from the Assam Rhino Foundation(India)
*Pandy buddies are characters of Cadbury Gems

Hence claiming , i have no rights to these characters and these characters have only been used for Non profit and Entertainment purpose

Hope it doesn't fail to entertain you all


I'll give you 2/5 for the effort that was put into this at least, but this has problems:

1. If you really want to work with stop-motion I highly recommend you use objects such as clay, legos, or anything that can move its arms and legs around. Using random objects that cannot move anything around isn't really a good idea. It's all about giving the illusion of your characters being alive.
2. Try to get a microphone for voice acting instead of just using written paper for dialogue. Or at least try to get voice actors that can help you. There are plenty on Newgrounds that can give a helping hand.
3. I recommend swivel so your stop-motion video is not on loop. It's free so it should be no problem to get.
4. When it comes to stop-motion, it is very important to keep everybody out of the frames period. So if there is even so much as a human thumb in the frames, it will ruin the experience of the video. Unless if it's part of the story or something, there is no excuse for it.
5. Sort of a nit-pick, but the frames in the video are going too fast. Either add more frames to make the stop-motion smoother, or slow it down some.

Now don't think I'm hating on you. I'm only giving out constructive criticism because I know you have potential to make something great. Please take my advice and try to improve. And I know you can improve seeing the energy that was put into making this. Good luck!

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hreyas responds:

Points taken but the fact is it all all came all of a sudden , which is why i could make it in lesser time , a clay animation would have took more time. Collab would have taken more time.Swivel isnt compatible on either of my computers.It was made in Ipad ,so still figuring out how to make it better the next time , and moreover the place i live in , I have seriously nobody from the same domain who can understand the values from the direction point of view, my mother helped me , I mean.Making it without any possible serious help , i must say it was very very frustating to see those occuring bodies in the frame, I am not whining but the truth is it was a pain in the ass to make this

that is a tough thing to do. possibly a few more frames on text could help. Otherwise good job!

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hreyas responds:

Yes yes , I tried to manage it , but at the last complications had led me to skip that part.Thank you for the comment .

Well, that's the teddiest teddy I've ever seen.

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hreyas responds:

Hahaha , your comment is the funniest i've yet read ,Thanks a lot buddy

I swear you were probably on drugs while making this.

Otherwise, good stop-motion-

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hreyas responds:

Lol No ,If i had been something better would had been created,and that is for sure.Moreover the situation while high is so ultra confusing that euphoria rules the mind.I prefer seeing movies and stuff while high. it seems you are new to some good stuff.what do you generally have??? Drop in a message whenever you feel like having a chat or whenever you're high.By the way thanks a lot for the appreciation

Not bad, tho it needs to be smoother, Keep it up ;)

hreyas responds:

it seems you more or less like it but , why so less stars?? lol

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Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2016
7:21 AM EDT