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#OCT 28th v1.0.4 UPDATE
- Battle the Newgrounds Tank on Wave 4!

#About Rearmed Trials
Take up your sword, bathe your enemies in thunder, steel and mist! Armed with Wings is a dilapidated world waged in war, how long can you survive?
Rearmed Trials offers a wild taste of it’s Steam counterpart, Armed with Wings Rearmed. Battle it out against the horde of Imperials. Collect weapon pickups to boost your stats. Trials features robust and layered combat system - get massive combos and high scores!

*FireFox Mouse Issues*
Strange mouse lag seems to occur in FireFox. If encountered, try switching browser.

[Keyboard controls]
[Arrow Keys] Movement
[A] Attack
[S] Power Attack
[D] Block/Dodge

[XBox controls]
[Joystick/Dpad] Movement
[A] Attack
[B] Power Attack
[Right Trigger] Block/Dodge

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This is shere amazing!!!
Dude when I saw Vandeer Lorde again, I was so hyped!!! XD
For my review I want to say:
I played it yesterday (5h30min ._. ... XD) and today for an hour.

I was not able to get to level 8 in the very most times, and not able to defeat the Boss in the few times that I reached him, even though I saw that its possible, and some weird determination had driven me to master the controls. Now that it drops heal orbs and you reduced the enemies and made some other adjustments the first few levels look to easy actually. I mean that fine, since after the first boss you introduce a compleat new enemy class and propably more after the next boss, which I would not have reached very often.
Still it felt like a different game, somehow. It took of some of its pure martial arts edge, that you can heal now and that it turned easier to gain new swords. I mastered wicked combos to get to new swords fast in the yestrday game. In todays game this factor felt smaller.

Also I found out that when I press "A" directly after dying that the music hasnt loaded and I play without it. That was a great feature, since I could play some unrepetetive epic music in the background during my 5 hours of wasted life XD

I will surely play your game, bro! I am happy to see a new work of you!

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Wow that's nice!
You've always made these polished black&white brawlers and they looked beautiful but had steering problems, there was always something off about them. But that's not the case here! Controls are fine and when I noticed I could hit stones to kill enemies I was amazed! Good job :D

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just another game that could make it huge on top 5 list of games im gonna be honest its a nice game i raged really hard over the controls the you cant move when you get attacked pisses me more off than the lag im just saying dont make games that you can easily rage over its so easy to lose and a enemy that can spam dodge is bs pls next time make like a stamina meter for yourself and enemys

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after i read "I'd like to do some kind of high score leaderboard give away real soon"... i just couldn't resist lol it's ok if you don't do it, but It was fun playing the game.

great game, one of the few games that requires genuine skill to play and master. I'm guessing the full game will have more attack paterns to chose from hopefully

But definitely my favourite game on NG so far. I've missed the challenge from games :) thanks for making this D-SUN, I've been a fan since the mario matrix thing you use to make

With the orbs it's not that difficult to get high scores anymore.... (please don't nerf lol) i may try come for first place soon :P

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NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT YESSS... DAMN MAN, WE HAVE SCORES AS WELL, HEH, COMPETITION, YA KNOW WHAT i MEAN? gg bruhh for real, might be difficult for others (as I've already read the comments) but i luv this, cheers mate...

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D-SuN responds:

I'd like to do some kind of high score leaderboard give away real soon :)
Thanks for playing!
BTW I'm patching the game soon. More balance, better level.

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4.25 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2016
6:05 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler
  • Frontpaged October 19, 2016
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  • Weekly 3rd Place October 26, 2016