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Oct 18, 2016 | 11:06 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Nothing overly complex. Just a barely interactive flash~
(Though, still a bitch to program. These things take time to script you guys. Like, a lot xD)

Anyhow, chose a bust size, a vulva type and click away at the five ... lets call them "genre" buttons, in order to get lame gags of varying quality and groan-inducement :P

Not quite sure what spurred my drive to make this, but here it is. Chronormu or "Chromie" as she's better known, is on full display here for your viewing pleasure.

Pretty satisfied with her endowments. Bit of positioning issues, but eh... Her busts on the other hand... can say I would have preferred it to be "B-D", but the artist is clearly a breast man haha ;P
Had a lot of issues with missing assets. But that's on my for not recalling them until after it's too late... so yay me and my terrible memory haha.

Anyhow, links to profiles are in the logo and name~
There's roughly 100 lines of dialog in this if you cba to rummage through all of it. The arrows scroll through them in case you wana see all content.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Does this game actually have any "secrets" to it, as the title screen suggests? Because I've scoured over every pixel, clicked everything even remotely clickable, and have found squat. I'm starting to think that was just a ruse to get people to waste more time on your, as you yourself put it, "barely interactive" game.

Kattlarv responds:

It does.
The first one is her pubes. And the second requires "button mashing", as said: Ie: clicking her clit several times.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Wasn't funny. Drawn well enough though. More weird vulva porn that no one is into. This shit is like in the same realm as metre long cocks and looks atrocious. Ill appreciate the fact that it wasn't compulsory though.

Kattlarv responds:

If no-one was into it, 100 % of porn would exclusively be loli vags. Which is not the case. Granted, it is 80+ % of porn. But it's not the sole content :P
And, in case you missed it: It HAS the option to go with an average human vulva. No-one forced you to pick the well endowed, or dragon option. But, if you can't stand basic human anatomy, and NEED child pussy, well, I can't help you on that.

And it's not even CLOSE to be in the same realm :P Firstly: This is all possible human proportions. You CAN be this endowed irl. You cannot have a 2 m horse dick irl xD
And unlike inexplicably hyper dicks. This isn't something people are massively obsessed with, nor demand to be drawn. Nor something you run into every 7 pictures online. You can't compare something that exists around 1 per 3000 pictures. As something done around twice per 10 pics. Hyper dudes with tits are all over the internet.

Your only valid point really is the last one. As, you didn't even point out what part of the 120+ jokes in this you didn't like. You could at least have given some depth to WHY you didn't find that style of comedy to not be funny. Not a fan of puns? Game references? The delivery method? Try adding some more constructive depth to your critique.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Just a FYI, I've been in the business for 15+ years. And I've had dozens of high name artists and popufurs run crying from me such as Atryl, Fisk, Kevinsano, Wolfy-Nail, Quilo, Doxy, Mittsies, Shenhibenki, Shadman, Freako, Sparrow, Fatelogic, Das, White_Kitten, The_Smiling_Pony, Notmenotyou and many, many more. So if you wana go down that path, don't expect to come out on top. I can casually decimate scam/hack artists before breakfast. If you wana disregard critique, go right ahead. But cut out your little tantrum before you get burned. Just a fair warning.
Anyhow~ You got some clipping issues with his hand and jizz as they go into his hyper dick. Not to mention the urethra flops about. Did really well on the expressions and shading however. (though, the shadows are a bit confusing, as it's not really clear from where the light source is emanating from.)
With the last scene, I am guessing it's implied the viewer is a peeping tom, if so, it was conveyed pretty well. Doesn't explain any of the other angles... so a bit disconnected there. Still, pretty decent status quo pandering.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I don't know why this gets a two-star overall rating. This is one sexy (and punny) gnome, and I like the variety of personalities you can give her.

For a small project, this is fantastic. The second vagina option was rather unappealing, though.

Kattlarv responds:

There is quite a lot of rating trolls on the site it seems tbh. Some bad shit got high rating, and some good shit has low rating. And mediocre stuff can get flung in either direction. Sadly, the star amount affects the viewing choice for a lot of people.

And thanks, took quite a while to come up with all of them heh.

It's not much as said, very low interactivity. But it managed what I set out with it.
And well, not many are used to endowed women. Most just know about any type of hyper dicks and exclusively loli vag, and that's about it xP Heck, most famous artists like Shadman, Sparrow, Atryl, Fisk, Freako and Fatelogic are utterly incompetent hacks when it comes to pussies. They just sit there going "Uh... um... erh...", which imo is really sad when comparing to how much time and effort they actually put into their dudes. Yet most of them can barely muster to spend more than a minute per vag, and they only know one design.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

that secind vaganal option ive seenm some stuff butt that i gottasay was disgusting... why?

Kattlarv responds:

Cuz it's a often neglected side of porn. Women can get up to 6 inch labia.
I wanted to go with a small, average vulva, a well endowed vulva and a draco-vag. Might should also have gone for a medium. But thought 3 would kinda good enough.

But yeah, we already have tons of utterly incompetent artists when it comes to pussy. Throughout various 18+ fandoms, including Fisk, Atryl, Shadman, Sparrow and many more. They can draw any dick imaginable of any size, yet they barely know how to draw ½ a vulva? And these guys are supposed to be at the top of their respective games?

So, yeah. It's mostly just there for added variety. And partially to bring some light to the matter. Someone's gotta start including them to make non-loli vags widely accepted, so we can get away from it being considered the norm to not have any standards when it comes to female genitalia.