TRUMP - 2016-2020

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What could the fate of the world turn out to be if the presidency was placed in the tiny little hands of an overly-sensitive, ego-maniacal, narcissistic man-baby like Donald Trump? Worst case scenario...




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So this was cool I have to say that this was pretty entertaining and you presented it well even some humor was in there and was all notbad at all the flow of it all was pretty good and I really came to enjoy the element of charchters and story here I could see you making more of this it was pretty good and it's a popular idea here anyways keep up the good work so make more soon

You could make a good series from this piece


I'm giving a 5/5.
Cos I'm getting all the messages.
I got them and you know what? When I especially think about everything, this might be the future of the american people.

Great work man.


Animation was great, it was well directed and had great sound. Knowing the context of many clips though, as these statements have already been spun (and occasionally intentionally misinterpreted) for political purposes, and for comedic effect, in a very similar way a number of times, it feels more contrived and offended than sharply satirical at times. Political satire is hard to get right, and I'm not here to score your opinions, so the only real issue is that these jokes feel like a repetition, which I suppose is difficult to avoid this near an election.

Great and outstanding animation! You did well on the voice clips Donald Trump has said, well done mate, overall a 4.5, could be a bit longer and then we have some people that will be offended, either a Trump or Hillary supporter. Remember to be strong!

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3.20 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2016
5:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original